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Two Events for Children Organized by El Mina Municipality and AFAAK Association

AFAAK charitable and social association, in cooperation with El Mina Municipality, organized an entertainment festival for El Mina children in EL Mina Central Park on Sunday May 6th, 2007. This is the second event for the association in less than a month. The Association organized a special event on the Child’s Day in Al Nasr Square, which was renovated and beautified by Al Azem and Saadeh Association. Mayor Alameddine and Mrs. Roula Mourad, the President of the AFFAK, spoke on the inauguration of the festival.

El Mina Municipality Honors 51 Retried Private and Public School Teachers
(from the Years 2004 till 2007) in El Mina
Parts of the celebration
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Under the patronage of his Excellency Minister of Education Dr. Khaled Kabani, El Mina Municipality hosted a special lunch to honor 51 teachers who retired in the period between 2004 and 2007. The ceremonial lunch took place in the Silver Shore Restaurant to honor the efforts of teachers in both the private and public sector. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Hussam Shahade, the Director of the North Educational Zone, who represented the Minister of Education, El Mina Mayor and the Council Members, the President of the Union of the Teachers in North Lebanon, Mr. Tony Mahfoud, the Delegate of Secondary Tecahers in North Lebanon Mr. Zuhair Naboulsi, Media representatives, school principals and the honored retired teachers.

lunch view

Alameddine speech

Marwan Assoum
The ceremony started by the National Anthem followed by a welcoming speech by lawyer Issam Sbat, El Mina Council Member, who praised the importance of this event as a loyal gesture for those who gave their utmost efforts to raise the young generations in our city. Then the Vice Mayor and the President of the Education Committee in El Mina City Council, Mr. George Drouby, emphasized the pioneering role that the teachers play in shaping the future of students and in drawing the picture of a new Lebanon. Mr. Marwan Assoum, the Principal of El Mina Secondary School for Boys, spoke on behalf of the honored teachers and he said: “We, the honored, insist that our efforts will never end no matter how old we are. We thank his Excellency Dr. Kabani for his patronage and Abdul Kader Bey and his City Council for their absolute cooperation through out the years both with public and private schools”.
Droubi, Alam Eldine, Chahade and Saidi Khayat Alam Eldine, Chahade and Salah Sidawi
The Mayor, Mr. Abdul Kader Alameddine, spoke about the immense projects that are under way. However, he emphasized the fact that “Humans are more important than stones. This is why the City Council insists on honoring those people who donate their life for the sake of their city in order for it to grow and develop culturally. We are honoring you because you are the unknown and hidden City Council members who sincerely worked to develop El Mina generations. God bless your efforts and be confident that what you did in the past and what you will do in the future has been of great importance for El Mina Community which is famous for its openness and for the coexisting urban fabric”.
Finally, Mr. Hussam Shahade, the Director of the North Educational Zone, who represented the Minister of Education, praised this event and talked about its uniqueness because it comprised public and private school teachers which signal the unity of the educational workshop in Lebanon.
The meeting was adjourned after Appreciation Awards were given to the 51 retired teachers and after photos commemorating the ceremony were taken.

El Mina City Celebrates the Arab City Day on March 15, 2007

- The Organization of Arab Cities (OAC) was established on March 15, 1967 and it is permanently headquartered in Kuwait City.

- OAC is an NGO, specialized in municipal and city issues in the Arab world, and is politically neutral.

- The objectives of the organization are: preserving the identity of the Arab City; developing services and municipal resources; modernizing municipalities and local authorities; and assisting the member municipalities in achieving their development projects through providing long-term loans.

- The Lebanese cities participating in this Organization are: Beirut (permanent member), 1967- Tripoli (permanent member), 1967- Zahle, 1968- Sidon, 1986- Ally, 1986- EL Mina, 1974- Jounieh, 1977…..most recently Sheheem, 2006.

- The organization started its work in 1968 with 20 Arab cities and now it comprises 400 municipalities. The 14th Conference will be held in Marrakech (Morocco) between 4 and 6 July 2007.  

The Program of El Mina Celebrations in this Day

- EL Mina Municipal Council will give the Public Park (Street Number 1056) in the New Mina the title “Kuwait City’, which is the permanent headquarter of the Organization of the Arab Cities.

- The Mayor and the Council Members will raise the Lebanese flag and the flag of the Organization of the Arab Cities on the Municipality Palace.

- Banners will be posted on the streets of EL Mina to celebrate this Arab event.

- The City Council will invite educational authorities in the city to a dinner to celeberate this event and Dr. Jean Touma will deliver a speech on behalf of Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Adasani, the General Secretary of the Organization.  

The Major Municipal Decisions in January and February 2007
El Mina Municipal Council has continued all the preparations needed to launch the construction of El Mina Municipal Palace which will see the light by the kind donation of his Excellency Prime Minster Najib Mikati. The Municipal Council unanimously accepted Mr. Mikati’s unconditional donation in the meeting that was held in January 30th 2007.

In addition, Mayor Abdul Kader Alameddine and the Municipal Council visited Prime Minster Mikati to thank him for the generous contribution, and they discussed with him the latest news. As a follow up, El Mina Municipal Council agreed the appointment of Mr. Spiro Rohana to continue studying the preparation of maps and all the necessary documents that are needed in addition to the supervision of the construction of the Municipal Palace.

Regarding Arab an International cooperation, the Council agreed to pay the annual participation fee of the United Cities and Local Authorities Organization in addition to approving the Archimedes Project as part of Med-Program sponsored by the European Community. The program will last for two years and the participating cities are: El Mina, Bordeaux, Venice, Genoa, Oran, Beirut and Istanbul. Archimedes Main object is the economic and touristic development of the local capabilities and the EU will donate through the City of Venice 63.817€.

Moreover, the Municipal Council has elected the new committees and approved the biding procedures to buy the tools for the municipal construction services. The Council also approved the banking protocol between El Mina Municipality and the Lebanese Bank for Commerce for the domiciliation of the salaries of the employees in the Municipality. Furthermore, the Council accepted a cardiographer from Mr. Abdul Baset Darwiche to Habib Falah Infirmary and also approved the plan of the Health Committee to develop the capabilities and services of the Laboratory that the Councilor of Romania, Mr. Abdul Hamid Ghandour, donated to the Infirmary.

EL Mina municipality signs the EU MED-PACT project

El Mina Mayor, Abdul Kader Alameddine, participated in the Euro-Med conference of the Med-cities that was held in Torino, Italy last November. The conference comprised presentations and technical visits in the following fields: waste treatment, rehabilitation of the green and neglected areas in addition to strategic and urban planning and the participation of citizens in governance.

After this participation, El Mina Mayor followed up the meeting in Istanbul on February 8th 2007, where the Actions to Regenerate Cities and Help Innovative Mediterranean Economic Development Enhancing Sustainability” (ARCHIMEDES) Project was launched. The new project is chaired by Venice Municipality and co-chaired by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and, Italy’s Genoa Municipality, France’s Bordeaux Municipality, Lebanon’s Beirut Municipality, Algeria’s Oran Municipality, Lebanon’s El-Mina Municipality, Bulgaria’s Sofia Capital District Administration, Turkey’s Marmara Straits and Municipalities Union, Italy’s Genoa Chamber of Commerce and Genoa University are among the other participants of the project. The project’s budget is 734,177EURO and will be financed by the European Commission.

Within the scope of project, creation of sustainable tourism application in port cities of Mediterranean Basin and creating awareness for the underrated historical and cultural heritage are aimed at. Also with this project, exchange of experience and good applications among local administrations, universities, research institutes, urban transformation, tourism and cultural heritage institutions and providing long term cooperation among the participant countries in the project are aimed.

* El Mina Municipality Council approved (in decision number 8 dated 16 January 2007) the Archimedes Med-Pact Project and appointed Dr. Samer Annous and ABAAD Association to follow up the implementation of this development project.