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Photos of food honor established by the municipality of Elmina of Bishop Ephraim Kyriakos  on Saturday 9 December , 2009 in Silver Beach Restaurant
The visit of the Italian expert Paolo Ortelli to the Municipality of El Mina

The Italian expert Paolo Ortelli visited El Mina city to be informed about the needs of the city in order to contribute in the technical support of the local team in STREAM project funded by the European Union.

Ortelli made a presentation, in the hall of the Municipal Palace, on Venice’s experience concerning the strategic planning, in the presence of the municipality president Mr. Abdulkader Alameddine, many of the council members, and heads of departments and committees, in addition to some invitees.

Moreover, Ortelli praised the efforts made by the municipality in establishing the urban planning office in order to preserve what remains from the architectural legacy in the old city.

El-Mina municipality honors the first in Lebanon

The El-Mina municipality honor the students occupying the first places in the international exams IATA and BT3 Business marketing: Medalia Adouj and Nina Dabbagh (El-Mina) from the AUC.

The event took place in the municipal palace in El-Mina, and began with the welcoming word of Alameddine, the president of the municipality. Then Mr. Youssef Al-Haddad, the AUC director, mentioned the essential role of El-Mina in honoring the distinguished persons in all the domains.

Later on, Alameddine presented appreciation armors to both students, and to the AUC director who also gave him the same.

Beit Al-Fan:

Art Spaces

Beit Al-Fan inaugurated an exposition entitled “Art Spaces” with the participation of 24 artistes from all lebanese regions, with the presence of the municipality president Abdelkader Alameddine.

The event began with the welcoming word of the artist Abdelnasser Yassine, in the name of Beit Al-Fan, and then by the one of the artist of Nadim Fatfat the organisor of the exposition, where he thanked the official persons, the responsible of the advertising and the participating artists.

The inauguration was followed by a cocktail and then by the distribution if appreciation distribution.

Poetic Session:

Nazih Abou Afach

The Syrian poet Nazih Abou Afach animated a poetic session in Beit Al-fan, with the cooperation of  El-Mina Municipality, the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and Dialog Culture and the Scientific Committee for El-Mina Development.

Mr. Issam Sbat pronounced the Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine's speech, and then Edgard Merheb Harb presented the poet.

Nazih Abou Afach had a great performance through his special voice and his attitude towards the actual Arabic poetry themes. In spite of his pains, he always has a hope and finds a new horizon

A training workshop for the participation in the International Francophone Contest for the Short Story

The Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and Dialog Culture, and the Scientific Committee for El-Mina Development, with the cooperation of El-Mina Municipality, called for a training workshop to the secondary students concerning the principles of writing a short story.

Mr. Alameddine talked to the students and encouraged them. Mr. Saïd Al-Wili told them that the international jury will give the results of the submitted short stories in February 2010. There are around 20 students from important schools in Tripoli and Koura participating in this contest. Ms. Aida Al-Soufi prepared a program for this workshop that was divided into two steps in Beit Al-Fan.

Talal Salman

The league of Al-Fayhaa municipalities honored Talal Salman, the editor in chief of “Assafir” newspaper, for winning the Arab press award and for being elected as the media person of the year. The ceremony took place during a dinner in Silver Shore restaurant in El-mina, in the presence of former and current ministers and deputies of Tripoli, Sheikh Majed Darwish representing the Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Malek Al-Shaar, representatives of Christian spiritual presidencies, leagues, associations, schools and universities, security officers, social and media persons, in addition to a group of interested people.

The event began with the Lebanese National Hymn, and then Dr. Jean Touma, member in the municipal council of El-Mina, pronounced the welcoming word.

Many speeches were subsequently pronounced by the engineer Rashid Jamali, Sheikh Majed Darwish and Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine, in addition to the honored Talal Salman.

Finally, the presidents of Al-Fayhaa municipalities, Rashid Jamali, Abdelkader Alameddine and Majed Ghamrawi, offered an appreciating armor to the honored Talal Salman.

The delegation of the Arab Cities Organization in visit to El-Mina

A delegation from the Arab Cities Organization visited El-Mina and it was formed of Ahmad Mohammad Al-Adassani, assistant general secretary, Ghassan Al-Samman, director of public relations and media, and many other directors. The delegation met with Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine and Dr. Jean Touma, representative of the municipality in the organization, in addition to Rabih Al-Chaer, advisor of the interior minister, and Dania Al-Rifai, director of the UN Habitat program in Lebanon.

Alameddine welcomed the Arab delegation and insisted on the strong cooperation between the organization and the municipality. Then Al-Adassani thanked Alameddine for his kind meeting, and insisted on the importance of exchanging expertise and on the most essential municipal services for the citizens’ daily benefit and comfort.

This visit was an occasion to launch many projects by El-Mina municipality, in order to stay in continuous cooperation. The delegation’s members liked the new palace in which they expressed their wish to organize a conference or an event.

Alameddine showed his pleasure to welcome the organization’s events, in order to reinforce the relations between El-Mina and the Arab cities-members

Minister of Works Ghazi El Aridi have visited the palace municipality of El Mina
The president of El-Mina municipality assists to the Turkish Independence Day’s festivities

Invited by the president of Marmara municipalities’ league, who is also the president of Bursa municipality, Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine visited Turkey to participate in the Turkish Independence Day’s festivities. He pronounced a discourse mentioning the common projects, the transfer and the negotiations between El-Mina city and Turkish cities, in addition to the historical relations between both Turkish and Lebanese people.

The « 5 Continents’ Award » in the North, Beit El-Fan, El-Mina

The theater in Beit El-Fan was full of amateurs in addition to university and school student who came to assist to this special cultural event, as a part of “Beirut: international capital of the book”.

The event was a dialogue with some great writers: Jean-Marie Le Clézio (Nobel Award for literature 2008), Lise Bissonnette (Québec), Pascal Cramer (Switzerland), Leonel Troyot (Haiti). These writers are members in the jury of the “5 Continents’ Award” presented to the writer Cosi Yvoy (Togo) who was surely present in this meeting.

After the welcoming word pronounced by Najla Hawly who insisted on the francophonie’s importance, Mr. Issam Sbat pronounced the speech of Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine who expressed his pleasure of receiving this event in El-Mina.

Dr. Zahida Darwish Jabbour started the dialogue with a unified question for all the members, concerning the characteristics of the book winner, in addition to many other questions about literature and creativity.

Cosi Ivoy clarified that writing, according to him, goes beyond the limits of literary genres, and is defined as a tentative to understand the contradictions that human beings are witnessing in this violence-reigned world. As an answer to the question concerning the constant presence of characters escaping the city life, the winner of Nobel Award, Jean-Marie Le Clézio, said that the free human being lives the exile and is always seeing the place, because of the dominating materialism.

As for Lise Bissonnette, she talked about her experience as being the head of the national library in Montréal. She considers that library is not only an institution or just rooms for books, but it’s a space of dialogue between people.

Leonel Troyot talked about linguistic dualism in Haïti, mentioning that he usually writes in two languages, the native and the French that carries the Creole identity to the francophone world.

At the end of this meeting, El-Mina municipality presented honorable armors to the participants, the French poet Hiyam Yard read some of her poems, and the “5 Continents Award” winner read some pages of his book.

Venus Khoury Ghata:

Poetic session in El-Mina

After being invited by the municipality of El-Mina and by the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and Culture Dialog, the Lebanese poet, Venus Khoury Ghata who got the French academic award, came to Beit El-Fan, El-Mina Tripoli to read some of her poems. A large audience was present, especially the president of the municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine, the council’s members and many poetry fans.

Alameddine and Venus

The session began with the welcoming word of Dr. Zahida Darwish Jabbour who mentioned the importance of the poet in France and the francophone countries. Alameddine insisted on the importance of maintaining the dialogue between the mediterranean countries, and promised to organize a cultural francophone program during this year in order to promote the cultural and intellectual relations.

Later on, the poet read many poems and she was accompanied with Dr. Darwish who was reading the poems that she had translated into Arabic.

At the end, the president of the municipality presented two honourable armours to the poet and to Dr. Darwish.

The president of the Mediterranean Cities Network in El-Mina improve the relations with Rome

The president of El-Mina municipality, Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine had welcomed, in the municipal palace, Mrs. Serena Forni, president of the Mediterranean Cities Network, and vice-president of Rome municipality for the international relations.

In this occasion, Alameddine insisted on having good relations between both cities, hoping to work on improving them. Later on, he presented to Mrs. Forni an armor of El-Mina, as she gave him also an appreciating armor on the behalf of the Rome municipality's president.

Mrs. Forni in El-Mina

Alameddine and Mrs. Forni

Moreover, she visited the new palace compartments in addition to the old souks, Khan Al-Tamasili and Beit Al-Fan, and she promised to do all possible efforts to execute common projects.

The mayor of El Mina participated in a workshop on "Strategic Planning"

Upon the invitation of the Italian Municipality Reggio Emilia and the Municipality of Valencia, Spain, the mayor of El Mina Abdul Akder Alameddine attended two workshops on "Strategic Planning", which were held in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia and the Spanish city of Valencia in the presence of delegations from the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean. The mayor presented the development projects in El Mina and the draft strategic plan, which the Union of Municipalities of Fayhaa is conducting through the support of the World Bank and the medcities.

He emphasized in his meetings with heads of delegations on the importance of applying the municipal administrative decentralization in Lebanon for the implementation of vital projects and the development of Lebanese cities in a sustainable manner. He finally thanked the Italian embassy in Lebanon for its continuous support for joint projects between El Mina and Italian cities.

Pictures of El Mina municipality ceremony for "FITR Celebration"

Traditional music

Municilapity's word with Essam Sbat

Arena of the show

Head and members of the city council and the families

The group [aalmwlwyt]

aalHkwaaty and the stories

El-Mina Municipal Council:

First meeting in the new Palace

The Municipal Council had its first meeting in the new Municipal Palace on Tuesday September 1st, to discuss its usual agenda.

The president of the municipality Abdelkader Alameddine began the meeting with a thank you speech for Taha brothers’ and the President Mikati, which have financed the Palace’s construction through the Association of Determination and Happiness. Moreover, he thanked El-Mina citizens for their participation in the opening ceremony, mentioning Tripoli and the North’s habitants, in addition to official people which celebrated, on august 20, with El-Mina’s citizens this great achievement.

Alameddine hoped, through his speech, that Municipal activities would be conforming to the Palace’s aesthetic and modern construction, mentioning the Vice-President and the council’s cooperation with each other in order to achieve numerous projects and local, Arab and global conventions.

In addition, Hajj Nabil Al-Sayegh pronounced a speech in the name of the Council mentioning Alameddine’s efforts deployed in order to realize the council’s dream: to have such an exceptional palace. Moreover, he assured that the palace’s construction will stay in the memory of all citizens, on the level of the president’s follow up to the project, and on the level of its fast execution to have it in the service of the citizens and to ameliorate the level of many municipal services.

images of the inauguration ceremony of the municipal palace in El Mina

Pictures of the astronomical evening

The preparations have begun for the inauguration of the El-Mina’s “Municipal Castle” which will be held around mid-august, before Ramadan; and it is previewed that it will be followed by a singing festival and many other activities.


The Collège National Orthodoxe and the Institut Technique celebrated their graduation ceremony of 200 graduates from academic and technical classes. The ceremony was held under the patronage of Bishop Elias Qorban, and in the presence of the Municipality’s President, Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine.


The ceremony


The restoration works are being still intensively executed in Al-Hamidi Mosk Quarter, in the ancient area of El-Mina. The Ambassador Patrick Laurent have been in a visit to the field, to see closely the project’s implementation, especially that the European Union have financed this restoration project.


The Lebanese Association of Red Cross distributed the appreciation awards for the youth painters, which contributed in animating the festivals of its 150 years. The ceremony was held in the Red Cross Center in Tripoli, in the presence of many representatives of deputes and municipalities’ presidents, where Dr. Jean Touma was representing El-Mina’s president.

The ambassador Patrick Laurent in a visit to El-Mina city


The Red Cross celebration in the occasion of its 150 years.


The participation of El-Mina president Abdelkader Alameddine

in a workshop on the “Best trials of the municipal actions”

Invited by the Turkish municipalities’ league and the Italian municipality Sosolo, the president of El-Mina Abdelkader Alameddine participated in a workshop about the “Best trials of the municipal actions”, held in Istanbul city and assisted by many delegations from seven Euro-Mediterranean countries.

Alameddine presented an intervention concerning the relationships between Europe and Lebanon and the importance of the corporation Lebanese and Italian municipalities, exposing El-Mina’s experience in the twinning project recently executed between El-Mina and Genoa, in addition to the importance of the common projects aiming to promote the cultural heritage and to support Tourism and cultural exchange.

President of El-Mina Abdelkader Alameddine


A meeting between the president of El-Mina municipality and the Italian ambassador

The El-Mina president Abdelkader Alameddine visited the Italian Embassy in Baabdah and met the ambassador Gabriel Kikya and some of the embassy staff. Alameddine presented a detailed explanation about the developmental projects funded by the European Commission in El-Mina and about the common programs between El-Mina city and some Italian cities (Genoa, Venice, and Catania). In addition, Alameddine thanked the Italian Embassy for its continuous logistic support, inviting the ambassador Kikya to visit El-Mina, who promised to do so very soon.

Abdelkader Ala meddine and Italian ambassador


El-Mina’s Municipality inaugurated Hassib Al-Sabbagh’s Garden

El-Mina Municipality inaugurated “Hassib Al-Sabbagh’s Garden”, on El-Mina’s Cornish, under the patronage of the Prime Minister Fouad Siniora represented by the president of the council of development and construction Nabil Al-Jisr, and by the initiative of Toufic Sultan. The ceremony was assisted by the President Najib Mikati, the Palestinian ambassador Abbas Zaki, the mufti of Tripoli and the North sheikh Dr. Malek Al-Shaar, the depute Samir Al-Jisr, the representative of the interior security forces’ general director colonel Bassam Al-Ayoubi, the municipality’s president Abdelkader Alameddine, doctors syndicate’s chief Dr. Nassim Khoriati, engineering syndicate’s chief Joseph Ishac, the dentists syndicate chief Mohammad Ali Saadeh and many others.



After the performance of the general security’s orchestra, the president Siniora’s representative with many attendees unveiled the souvenir board. Then they assisted to an honoring lunch in “Silver Shore” restaurant, organized by El-Mina municipality and through which the president Alameddine welcomed the attendees, mentioning Al-Sabbagh’s initiative as an ideal plan to follow for the environment’s sake and the cities embellishment. In addition to this, many words were pronounced by each of the following persons: the mufti of Tripoli and the North Malek Al-Chaar, the engineer Nabil Al-Jisr, Mr. Souheil Al-Sabbagh, the ambassador Abbas Zaki and Mr. Toufic Sultan.

Beirut: International Capital of the Book

Poetry and awards distribution

The Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and the Dialog Culture is pursuing its activities in the North, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, in the occasion of declaring Beirut an International Capital of the Book. It invited, in Beit Al-Fan, the Poet Ilham Abdelnour reading many French poetic verses, accompanied with the Oud melodies performed by the Musician Khaled Najjar. Dr. Claudia Abi Nader presented the poet Abdelnour mentionning the poetic inspiration dominating her poems.

The session was attended by Dr. Jean Touma, representative of the Municipality’s president Abdelkader Alameddine, school principals and local associations’ presidents. After Dr. Zahida Darwich Jabbour, the Association’s President, had pronounced the program of Beirut, International Capital of the Book, the winners’ names were declared concerning the writing contest on the image culture and the paper culture, where 70 students participated from many schools of El-Mina, Tripoli and El-Koura. The first award winners are : for the Arabic language Farah Zahra from Rawdat Al-Fayhaa School, for the English language Wissal Alwan from Public High School for Girls Andrée Nahas and for the French language both May Fiani and Zeina Hanna from Collège National Orthodoxe. All winners were offered cash prizes and many reading books.


Issa Makhlouf: the East coming from the West

Invited by El-Mina Municipality, the French Cultural Center and the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and Dialog Culture, the Lebanese poet Issa Makhlouf, living in France, animated a Poem evening in Beit El Fan. It is important to mention that the Makhlouf won the Max Jacob Award for his story “A Letter for Two Sisters” which was translated by Abdellatif Al-Laabi into the French. Dr. Zahida Darwich Jabbour participated also in reading the poems accompanied with the musician Alexander Katrib on the Oud. The poem evening was attended by the Municipality’s President Abdelkader Alameddine and a group of interested people from which High school and University students.

At the beginning, Dr. Jean Touma, a member of the Municipal Council, pronounced a welcoming speech, and the poet read many of his poems in Arabic, with Zahida Darwish reading them in French.

The Literary Annual Award of Emily Nasrallah – 2009 and Cultural Nationalism Award – 2009, at the Cultural Artistic Committee

The Cultural Artistic Committee has announced winners of the Literary Annual Award of Emily Nasrallah – 2009 and of the Cultural Nationalism Award – 2009 last Saturday on Rawdat Al-Fayhaa School’s stage.  The ceremony was attended by Dr. Samira Baghdadi representing the Minister Mohammad Al-Safadi, Dr. Mirvat Al Hoz representing the engineer Rachid Jamaly the president of Tripoli Municipality and Dr. Jean Touma representing the president of El-Mina Municipality Abdelkader Alameddine. It began with the Lebanese national anthem, then a welcoming speech by the speaker poet Mohammad Rashad Awad, then the speech of the municipality’s president read by Dr. Jean Touma. In addition, the president of the Cultural Artistic Committee, Hoda Al Sabbagh, pronounced a speech presenting the owner of this award, Emily Nasrallah who spoke about the students’ contest.

The secondary awards of the Literary Annual Contest of Emily Nasrallah – 2009 were given to Aisha Bassam Younes from Al Hayat Public School for girls, Rawaa Haitham Al Cheikh from Jebran Khalil Jebran Public School for girls. As for the secondary awards of the Cultural Nationalism Contest – 2009 were given to Mirvat Najib from Al-Ghourabaa First High School for girls and Melissa Merabi from Andree Nahas Public High School for girls.

The first Literary Annual Award of Emily Nasrallah – 2009, it was shared by both Abdelhady Yehya Mustafa from Rawdat Al Fayhaa High School and Nicole Georges Raad from the Collège National Orthodoxe. As for the first award of the Cultural Nationalism Contest – 2009, it was shared by Douaa Abdel Karim Salim from the Public Mixed High School – El-Kobba and Mariam Hilal Turkmani from the Al-Islah Islamic High School.

Beirut, International Capital of the Book... in the North

In the occasion of declaring Beirut the International Capital of the Book, the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and Dialog Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and El-Mina Municipality, organized a written competition concerning the importance of the book and reading, going from a comparison between the image culture and the paper culture in our contemporary world. The competition, held on Sunday morning in Beit Al-Fan, was attended by 70 students from the high schools of Tripoli, El-Mina and El Koura, in addition to students from associations and national clubs.

The competition started with a welcoming speech by Dr. Zahida Darwish Jabbour, the Association's President, then the Municipality's President, Mr. Abdelkader Alammeddine passed by the participants, assuring the role of the Municipalities in supporting cultural movements.


Poetry Evening

The Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and Discussion Culture will organizes a poetry evening on Friday, May 8 in Beit El Fan.

The Lebanese Poet Ilham Abdelnour

Introduced by Dr. Claudia Abi Nader


Signature and distribution of books, for Dannaoui, Al Wali and Touma

In the occasion of having Beirut, the International Capital of the book, the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and El-Mina Municipality, organized a signing session for the following writers, the lawyer M. Hassan Dannaoui, Dr. Said El Wali and Dr. Jean Touma. In this gathering, 500 books for these writers were distributed freely to a group of high school and university students in Beit El Fan.


Agreement of cooperation and amity between El-Mina and Genes

Abdel Kader Alameddine, the president of El-Mina Municipality visited the Italian city Genes and signed an agreement of cooperation and amity between the two cities with the President of Genes Municipality, Mrs. Marta Visketry. After the welcoming speech of Mrs. Visketry, Mr. Alameddine focused on the historical relations that link between Italy, Lebanon and the Mediterranean cities, thanking Genes for the artistic support in improving the cultural inheritance in El-Mina city. Mr. Alameddine met Roberto Martini, the director of the work’s manager, in Genes and they have discussed the ways of cooperation between the touristic committee in El-Mina and the touristic offices in the Italian cities. Besides his visit, he met also the architect expert in renovating antique buildings, Stephano Vra, and they discussed the issue of restoring Khan Al Tamasili and its surroundings. Moreover, Mr. Alameddine invited Mrs. Visketry to visit El-Mina and she promised she would come as soon as possible.


The charm of Morocco in Beit El-Fan

El-Mina Municipality, the French Cultural Center and the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading launched an invitation for a poetic session in Beit El-Fan, which was animated by the Moroccan poet Thouraya Iqbal accompanied with the musician Alexander Katrib on the Oud.

At the beginning, the President of El-Mina Municipality, Mr. Abdulkader Alameddine, welcomed the poet in El-Mina. Then, the Speaker of the French Cultural Center, Robert Horn, mentioned the event’s importance and particularity.  In addition, the president of the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading, Dr. Zahida Darwish Jabbour, pronounced a speech and thanked the Municipality and the French Cultural Center.


Later on, the Poet, Thouraya Ikbal, presented a collection of her poems in both Arabic and French languages, and she was distinguished by the poetic dialogs with Ibn Arabi in an aesthetic spiritual reunion.

Cooperation Protocol

El-Mina Municipality signed a cooperation protocol with the Institute of Fine Arts in the Lebanese University – branch III, during a celebration in the School of Architecture and Fine Arts in Al-Kobba in the presence of many interested people.

The protocol consists that the Institute has to offer the studies necessary to support and restore some of the antique buildings. At the beginning, the Institute’s Dean, Dr. Hashem Al-Ayoubi, talked about the cooperation, then, Mr. Abdulkader Alameddine, the Municipality’s President, pronounced a speech and thanked the Lebanese University for its cooperation.

Later, the head of the engineering syndicate in the North, Joseph Ishak, talked about the tight cooperation between the Syndicate and the Lebanese University.

during the celebration Alameddine and Al-Ayoubi

Moreover, the Institute’s president, Dr. Ali Al-Ali, insisted that many graduation projects would be executed in Tripoli in order to decorate the city.

After this, Mr. Alameddine and the Dean Al-Ayoubi signed the protocol, and a cocktail followed.

The famous French writer André Velter

The French Cultural Center (CCF) of Beirut and Virgin Megastore launched an invitation for a poetic session hold by the French writer and thinker André Velter in Beit El-Fan in El-Mina – Tripoli. The session began by a welcoming word addressed from the French Cultural Center (CCF) to André Velter accompanied with Alexander Katrib on the Oud, giving so the French poetic words more beauty and shine. At the end of the session, Velter signed many of his poetic and prose works published in French.

André Velter The session

Labiba Touma sings Fayrouz

Labiba Touma, daughter of El-Mina, performed a singing recital for the honor of Al-Rahbani family. The recital was organized by “Mina’ouna” (Our El-Mina) association in Al-Safadi Foundation in Tripoli, where were present the Municipality’s President, the council’s members and many interested people.

Labiba Touma


Teacher's Day

With the presence of the Municipality's President, of representatives from the University of Balamand, the Notre-Dame University, Al-Manar University and the Académie des Beaux-Arts in the Lebanese University, and of school principals, the Municipality honored the professors retired during this year, in a lunch organized at Al-Sultan Restaurant. The retired are the following: Maria Al-Sharif, Ahmad Barake, Hoda Fawal, Helene Kammouj, Liliane Nahas, Taroub Naoum, Shawqi Al-Khoury, Layla Al-Haddad, Violette Arwadi, Nouhad Bakhash, Yasser Dandashe, Nouhad Habboushi, Georges Moushaham, Ibrahim Al-Samrout, Ahmad Awaida, Assia Boulbol, Elie Katramiz and Hoda Karam


Commemorating the establishment of Arab Cities Organization

In the occasion of establishing the Arab Cities Organization, coming each march 15, the Municipality's President congratulated the General Secretary, noting that this organization has more than 400 Arab cities and offered the studies necessary for their renaissance and development. The celebration was organized under the emblem of "spreading greenery through cultivating trees … a collective responsibility". This encourages people to protect the environment and the earth, to limit the pollution in nature, and to work on promoting the environmental culture among youth people in order to enjoy a healthy world able to meet their ambitions and dreams.

Works are still pursued at the Municipal Castle

The works are still quickly pursued at the El-Mina's Municipal Castle offered by Mr. Najib Mikati and Mr. Taha Mikati through the Association of Determination and Happiness. It's previewed to finish these works by the beginning of June 2009. A big popular celebration will be held in this occasion.