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El-Mina: The Academy of Arts screened films for newly-directors

In cooperation with El-Mina municipality and the graduates of the Institute of Social Sciences in Tripoli, the Cultural Council of North Lebanon screened three films for newly-directors, Léa Bandali, Hashem Dalati and Ghassan Khoja, in the public activities room of the municipal palace.

In the beginning, many speeches were pronounced by the municipality member Dr. Jean Touma, Dr. Nazih Kabbara, Dr. Nadim Mansouri and the artist Jean Ratel who talked about the three works of these directors.


The first film is « Confirmed Judgment » (hekem mobram) for Léa Bandali, from the Institute Theatrical and Audiovisual Studies in USJ.

The second film is « Coma » for Hisham Dalati from the Academy of Fine Arts in the Lebanese University.

As for the third film, it’s « Baccalaureate » for Ghassan Khoja, from the Institute of Performance Arts in Jounieh.

At the end of this meeting, a discussion was opened between the audience and the three newly-directors concerning their works and the future of the youth cinema.

Arab City Day

This day was celebrated in the municipal palace’s court, where the Lebanese flag and those of the Arab City and El-Mina were raised. Many speeches were read by Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine, by Mme Anastasia Moussa Diab on the behalf of the associations and the clubs, and by Mme Therese Chahine, the principal of Andrée Nahas College for Girls, on the behalf of the schools.

The Choir of Al-Nahda Public School for Girls performed many songs, and there was an exposition for students about El-Mina, followed by throwing many balloons.

Honoring the retired professors

The council of El-Mina municipality organized an honoring lunch in Silver Shore restaurant for the retired professors of El-Mina public and private schools. The event was assisted by the president and many members of the municipality, the director of educational region Mr. Houssameddine Shehadeh, the head of the committee of the public colleges’ secondary professors Mr. Aziz Karam, the head of the private schools professors’ union Mr. Toni Mahfoud, in addition to the honored professors and their schools’ principals.

After reading many speeches, the honored retired professors were given appreciation armors.


Providing Certificates

Abdelkader Alameddine



Providing Certificates

Honoring the doctors of the Scientific Conference on Surgery

El-Mina municipality honored the doctors who participated in the Scientific Conference on Surgery through a dinner in 46 Restaurant. Many speeches were read about the importance of these scientific meetings in order to support the public and local institutions of these conferences, leading so to the transfer of expertise and the follow up of the progress in the medical domain.

Honoring Shoukri Anis Fakhoury

During the cultural meeting held in the Cultural Center Al-Azm – Beit Al-Fan, the writer Shoukri Anis Fakhoury told the audience about his experience as a novelist, M. Alameddine offered him an appreciation armor in front of a wide cultural audience, such as the actrice Samira Baroudi, Dr. Mostafa Adib, and the actor Jihad Al-Andari.

A Musical recital

In the presence of the municipal council members and a musical public, the Popular Help in El-Mina organized a musical recital in the celebrations room at the municipal palace, where many teen musicians performed patrimonial songs, and the president mentioned the important role of the youth in developing their talents and their capacity to produce vitality in the city.


Alameddine's Message

Abdelkader Alameddine


musicians are singing


The General Secretary of Arab Engineers

The General Secretary of Arab Engineers, Dr. Adel Al-Hadissi and the former chief of engineers union, Dr. Abdelmenhem Alameddine visited Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine in the municipal palace, where they talked about the work of Arab engineers in developing Arab cities and presenting the best to the citizens.


Alameddine and  Al-Hadissi

The Australian ambassador in El-Mina

The Australian ambassador in Lebanon Mrs. Jeanne Dunn visited the municipal palace in El-Mina, accompanied with a delegation from the embassy. She was welcomed by the president of the municipality Mr. Alameddine who focused on the historical relations between El-Mina and Australia where a large number of citizens is living. The Ambassador expressed her pleasure to visit El-Mina aiming to reinforce the relations between the embassy and the city concerning the cultural programs. Moreover, she insisted on her will to know El-Mina’s capacities and powers in many domains, in order to exchange expertise and work related to a beneficiary developmental cooperation program.


The Ukrainian ambassador in El-Mina

The Ukrainian ambassador visited the municipal palace accompanied with a delegation from the embassy, and they met with Mr. Alameddine, where they insisted on the good relations between both countries, and discussed the possibility of establishing a twinning between El-Mina and a Ukrainian city.


Alameddine with entourage

Alameddine With Ukrainian ambassador

The deans of the faculties of fine arts in El-Min

The deans of the faculties of fine arts in the Arabic universities visited the municipal palace, and met with the president of municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine to get information about the palace’s architecture. Many discourses were pronounced by the dean of the faculty of fine arts in the Lebanese University Dr. Hachem Al-Ayoubi and by Mr. Alameddine who exposed the studies led on the actual and future directive plan, in addition to the study made to the marine façade and the preservation of the ancient city and its transformation to a touristic city.

The Arab City in El-Mina

The president of the municipality Abdelkader Alameddine met with 18 local associations and institutions in El-Mina, forming so a steering committee to celebrate the Arab City Day in March 15, 2010. They decided that the celebration will begin with the elevation of the Lebanese flag and the ones of El-Mina and Arab City, on Friday March 19, 2010 in the municipal building place. This will be followed by an official and popular reception in El-Mina municipal palace, and then by a drawing exposition prepared by El-Mina schools’ 0students, and titled by: El-Mina, an Arab city in the teens’ eyes.


Moreover, they decided to meet more frequently in order to organize for a number of sports, cultural, folklore and artisanal activities, in which the sectors of the local community will participate to show the city’s powers and the citizens’ talents in all domains.

The minister of youth and sports in Tripoli

The minister of youth and sports Dr. Ali Hassan Abdallah made a tour over the sports establishments in Tripoli and El-Mina, accompanied with the president of sports department Fadia Hallal, the president of Diwan Raymond Touma, and the counselor Mazen Ramadan.

After their visit to the Olympic Stadium at Tripoli’s south gate, they saw the closed room in El-Mina, which is not ready to be used yet, and talked about the sports clubs and teams which have a long history of success and triumphs.

Later, they visited the new municipal palace with all its departments and sections, and had a lunch at Silver Shore restaurant.


The minister of youth with Alameddine

Ministre de la Jeunesse Tour

Honoring the doctors of Dr. Habib Fallah municipal clinic in El-Mina

The municipal council honored 16 doctors working freely in Dr. Habib Fallah municipal clinic, in the restaurant 46. Many discourses were read by Dr. Michel Fallah and the municipality’s president who presented appreciation armors for the honored doctors.

Rawdat Al-Fayhaa children in a visit to El-Mina municipal palace

Many children of Rawdat Al-Fayhaa School visited, with their teachers, El-Mina municipal palace, where they met with the municipality’s president and discussed many municipal issues. Moreover, they visited the palace’s public library room and saw the available books.

The first fast chess contest « al-Mawj wal Ufoq »

In collaboration with El-Mina municipality, the chess club organized the first fast chess contest « al-Mawj wal Ufoq » (waves and horizon) 2010, under the supervision of Chess Lebanese League in the cultural center Al-Azm in Beit Al-Fan. The contest winners are as follows:

The category of: 18 years: 1- Elias Khoury, 2- Sassine Sarkis, 3- William Khoury

16 years: 1- Joseph Bandali, 2- Abdelrahman Iaali, 3- Yasser Shehade

                        Girls: Nisrine Al-Rifai

                        11-14 years : 1- Georges Bandali, 2- Marc Antoun, 3- Fadi Dawra

                        Girls: Angélique Dawra

                        Under 10 years : 1- Ivana Bandali, 2- Elie Khoury, 3- Nicolas Wakim


The municipal council approved on supporting the Marathon of the sport association « Maan Lobnan ».

« Maan Lobnan » is a new association for forces games with the permit of the ministry of youth and sport, decree number 175/1/2009. The founding committee is composed of: Badih Arnaout, Ziad Lazkani, Jean Tablieh, Mounir El-Khoury, Rabih Lazkani, Wafi’ Lazkani, Mirvat Hamzi.

The municipality’s president is meeting with El-Mina’s associations and schools in order to put the strategy of the Arab City’s Day in March 15, 2010 with the slogan 100 cities, 100 lives.

The municipal council held its usual meeting on Tuesday February 24, 2010, where the members discussed the agenda.

The municipal council organized an honoring dinner for the workers in the municipal clinic of Habib Fallah.

Love and mysticism in the cultural center Al-Azm – Beit Al-Fan

The Artiste Jihad Al-Andari animated an evening session of love and mysticism. The event began by the national hymn and the welcoming word of Dr. Jean Touma and the artist Mireille Torossian.


The artist Rami Maalouf was playing on the recorder as an accompaniment with the poems of Ounsi El-Hajj, Al-Hallaj, Mahmoud Darwish, Nizar Qabbani, Youssef El-Khal, Ahlam Mostaghanmi et Bassima Boutouli.

At the end, the municipality’s president and Dr. Adib presented an armor of appreciation to the artist Jihad AL-Andari.


In the presence of President Najib Mikati, the president of El-Mina municipality Abdelkader Alameddine offered the municipality’s armor to the artist Salah Tizani (Abu Saleem), in the occasion of signing his new released book “Ayam fi Zakirati” (Days in my memory) in Beit Al-Fan.

The Minister of Tourism in El-Mina

During his tour in El-Mina, the minister of Tourism, Fadi Abboud, visited the municipal palace, the Tourist Information Center, and the fishing port.   Thus, the minister expressed his good esteem regarding the tourism capacity, and mentioned the municipal palace donated by the president Najib Mikati.   Mr. Alameddine talked about the importance and vitality of tourism, and about the necessity to benefit from the development of tourist services, so El-Mina will be on the Lebanese, Arabic and international tourist map.

the minister and Alameddine

In front of the Municipal Palace

To harbor

In front of the Tourist Information Center

In the neighborhoods

Andrée Nahas Public College for girls:

Thanking the El-Mina municipality

A delegation of the academic staff from Andrée Nahas College in El-Mina visited the president of El-Mina municipality Mr. Abdalkader Alameddine in the municipal palace. Mme Therese Shahine congratulated him for the new building, and thanked the municipality for its tight cooperation with the college as to controlling the circulation, organizing the college’s interior garden and supporting cultural projects.

Moreover, Alameddine insisted on the importance of having complementary rigorous work between governmental departments, especially the municipalities, and public and private schools, in order to support education and teaching, and to watch over the wellbeing of the citizens who always concern about their city: cleanness, environment, and culture.

Moreover, Mme Shahine offered to Mr. Alameddine an appreciation armor in the name of the college direction for his efforts in developing the public, cultural and educational services in El-Mina.

Among the cultural festivals celebrated by art house President Abdul Kader Alameddine a shield of appreciation by the poet Henry Zugheib who revived poetry evening on the occasion of the issuance of his poetry, "long Indian summer" in the presence of a large crowd of interested people and intellectuals.

Furthermore, Dr. Jean Thomas provide a shield of appreciation to theater critic OBEIDO Pasha, who revived a literary evening in the House of Art, which he presented his new book, "So," They broached the subject of the book, as he signed his book, among a crowd who came to keep abreast of the intellectual by Pasha to cope with the dramatic movement of Lebanon

El-Mina Municipality in Kuwait

Invited by the Arab Cities Organization to visit its location in Kuwait, El-Mina Municipality sent a delegation composed of its president Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine and Dr. Jean Touma, the contact member with the organization, to meet with the state persons.

With the minister

Organization Headquarters

The delegation met with Dr. Fadel Sefer, minister of public works and minister of state for municipal affairs; they talked about the garden to be achieved in El-Mina in the name of Kuwait.

In the lunch

Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine

In addition, the delegation met Abdelaziz Youssef Al-Adasani, the general secretary of the organization, and Ahmad Al-Adasani, the assistant general secretary.


The Book in the North, Production, Composition and Publication:

Reality and Future Horizons

Within the framework of “Beirut, Capital of Book”, the ministry of culture and El-Mina municipality sponsored a seminar on the “Book Production in the North: Reality and Future Horizons”, organized by the Lebanese Association for Promoting Reading and Dialogue Culture in the conference room of the El-Mina Municipal Palace.

The seminar started with the Lebanese National Hymn followed by the welcoming speech of Mr. Alameddine who declared that official departments and local associations, through working complementarily, will help cultural activities to get over the hard moments. Later on, Dr. Zahida Darwish Jabbour clarified that this seminar is a trial step to approach the book’s general situation and consider solutions to the problems in Tripoli and the North, in order to see the book again in the hands of readers, especially teenagers and students.

Moreover, many interventions were presented by writers, poets and thinkers.