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President of El-Mina Municipality follows-up the cooperation projects between Union of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities and Marseille Municipality
The President of the Union of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities Dr. Nader Ghazal and his Vice-President, Dr. Mohammed Issa, President of Mina Municipality have accepted the invitation of Marseille Municipality President Senator Godan to pursue the common projects between the Federation and the Municipality of Marseille, and to attend the Euro-Mediterranean Economic Sixth Week to be held in Marseille. Many meetings have been held by Presidents Ghazal and Issa and the Acting Director of the Union engineer Dima Homsi in order to follow up the current and future projects between Marseille Municipality and the Union of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities and the cities of Tripoli and El-Mina. A number of personalities have participated in these meetings among whom Mr. Jacro Kassera, Vice-President of Marseille Municipality for International Relations; Mrs. Hala Keirouz, the Lebanese Consul in Marseille, Ms. Michel Renault, the responsible for the international relations in the municipality of Marseille, and Ms. Annemarie Ringgold, the representative of the French Foreign Ministry, Mr. Frederic Olivio, the responsible of following-up the projects of the municipality of Marseille and the Union of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities, in addition to a large number of technicians from the Municipality of Marseille as well as representatives of the World Bank, CMI and UNDP and the Mediterranean Centre and the Consultant Lavaill and Le Fur Office taking part in the implementation of the current and future projects with the Union of Al-Fayhaa municipalities.
The current situation of the projects and the future steps have been discussed during these meetings. Moreover, the participants have insisted on the importance of the projects and their diversity, noting that these projects include:
1. Smart Phones Applications related to the historical buildings (TAGGING) which give people more information about the touristic monuments of the city.
2. Establishment of four green public parks in the cities of the union to enhance the social communication among citizens.
3. Following-up the implementation of a part of PACEM project which enhance the coastal tourism in the cities of the union with the financing of the French Foreign Ministry.
4. Preparation of the establishment of a local development office in Union of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities to follow-up all the developments requirements in the union's cities.
5. Following-up the numbering and addressing streets information system in Tripoli and El-Mina.
6. Following-up the practical steps of GouvAIRnance projects to improve the air quality. The European Union has presented 500 thousands Euro to finance this project, noting that the Lebanese Government has finally accepted this donation last week due to the efforts of the Union's President and Administrative Body which has encouraged the different project's teamwork.
Furthermore, the participants have discussed the preparation of future projects presented within ENPI CBC program such as CosMed project aiming at developing the coastal façade and the addressing and orientation streets smart phones applications in addition to many other projects.

25 October 2012
Writer and Artist Olfat Al-Zayleh has held a conference entitled "We have globalized but did not enrich our culture; we became educated but did not emphasize our globalization"
Cultural Committee in El-Mina Municipality has invited the writer and artist Olfat Al-Zayleh to hold a conference under the title: "We have globalized but did not enrich our culture, we became educated but did not emphasize our globalization" in the Conference Room of El-Mina Municipality Palace on the presence of the President of the Municipality Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Issa and representatives of many literal and cultural associations and a crowd of interested persons.
President of the Municipality Dr. Mohammed Issa gave a speech to welcome the Writer Al-Zayleh pointing out that nowadays we are living the globalization and technology era, the noise era, the speed and pollution era. He said: "I would like to appreciate the initiative of Mrs. Olfat Al-Zayleh aiming at launching the "Fight against Optical and Noise Pollution". In this context, I would like to thank the city of El-Mina in general and Alam Din Street in particular for the cooperation and the understanding the inhabitants have showed for each other.
In fact, everyone in the city is looking for the rest of others. In one term, one could remark the familiarity and the love among El-Mina inhabitants, we have even never complained about optical and noise pollution therefore it is very necessary to focus on the privacy of our societies and to stick more to our positive values and habits that gave good results throughout the years".
The writer Olfat Al-Zayleh discussed during the conference many titles related to the noise and optical pollution the contemporary society is facing pointing that the challenge is to find the best way to confront the effects of the technological development and to act like the Western through acquiring knowledge without abandoning the habits and traditions that characterized our societies. Therefore, we find ourselves responsible of making a human being, which represents a cultural and intellectual project, and a life methodology that requires the cooperation of the different parties especially that it leads to the establishment of the future through adopting the past values and the staying up-to-date with the development we are nowadays living. In fact, this is not involuntary but it makes an integral part of our daily life because the private behaviors start from our houses where personalities acquire distinctions and new generation gains awareness. That it is why we are as parents and instructors responsible for the spread of awareness even concerning the way one eats, drinks and wears. Zayleh pointed out that the conference comes in conjunction with the announcement of the launching of the establishment of the "Fight against Optical and Noise Pollution" on June 11, 2011, in order to frame the civil efforts deployed in this context. Zayleh concluded her conference with many poems and then a debate has been opened with the audience to discuss the different topics of the conference.

04 October 2012
El Mina Municipality honored retiring employees
El-Mina Municipality honored a number of retired employees, workers and police members in the Public Hall in the presence of the municipality president and a crowd of employees, workers and municipality police members. President of the Municipality, Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Issa addressed the retired employees especially the director of the financial department Hussein Metlej who had presided the financial section of the municipality and looked carefully and faithfully after the salaries, accounting and revenues.
The Municipality president pointed: "However the work process in public departments requires exactly like life to exclude employees who reach legal age of retirement and the employment of young workforce to hold the responsibility, I do appreciate the services Metlej has presented as director of the financial department and I wish him the best of luck in every step he will seek to achieve in the future. Moreover, I would like to appreciate the activity and vitality of Ghazi who had always given good advices and launched great initiatives whenever necessary and presented excellent ideas to benefit the society. In fact, I wish if I could take his opinion concerning some architectural and planning issues before the issuance of the decrees and laws; however I hope that we will be able to achieve good results with Engineer Amer Haddad so that we can bring good profits to the city especially in relation with planning field. Dr. Issa added: "In addition, we have to admit that we can't live without the security and safety provided by the municipality police. In fact, we appreciate the efforts deployed by the municipality police and in this context we wish Mr. Ahmed Abdel Kader and Mr. Habib Mesaad who are leaving us today for reaching the legal age of retirement the best of luck and success in their future careers".
At the end, Dr. Issa thanked Mr. Hussein Metlej, Mr. Mustafa Harichiya, Aspirant Officer Ahmed Abdel Kader, Habib Mesaad, Abdo Suleiman, and Hajj Ahmad Ghazi Hajar for all the services they have presented. He pointed also that they were a good example of the dedicated, loyal and honest employees and insisted that the municipality is always pleased to receive them as dear guests.
At the end of the honoring ceremony, candles were lighted and invitees were asked to participate at a cocktail party and a group shot was taken.

01 October 2012
Writer and Artist Olfat Zaylaa lecture

Writer and Artist Olfat Zaylaa And Cultural Committee El-Mina Municipality are pleased to invite you to attend the lecture "We have globalized but did not enrich our cultural; we became educated but did not emphasize our globalization" In conjunction with the establishment of "Fight against Optical and Noise Pollution"

Place: El-Municipality Hall     Date: Thursday, on October 4, 2012, at 5:00 pm

29 September 2012
El Mina illuminated
The illumination of El Mina Street in spite of the electricity rationing
The work on the project aiming at illuminating the streets of El Mina city during the electricity rationing hours during the holy month of Ramadan is going on. This project makes a part of the donation presented by Azm And Saada Association to Al Fayhaa Federation. In this context, a new 100 KVA electricity generator has been added to the power network of El Mina and has been specified to illuminate the region between Rafic Hariri square and the Saa'a road cross in Port Said Street through Al Bawaba square. Moreover, another generator was installed in the western region of the cornice to illuminate the marine cornice starting from Al Hamam Al Makloub region until Arab University of Beirut and some internal streets. A small ceremony has been held in the public park to run the electricity generator in the presence of Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Issa, President of El Mina municipality and under the supervision of some technicians from El Mina municipality and Qadisha Company and Azm And Saada Association.
Dr. Mohammad Issa pointed out the importance of the donation presented by the Association Azm And Saada and thanked the association officials saying that one should be proud of the collaboration between the municipality and the association and of the support provided by certain owners of private generators. He wished as well to keep collaborating to illuminate all the streets of the city in spite of the electricity rationing with assistance of the generators' owners. He added that the municipality will work to provide electricity after the Fitr. He also said that everyone has noticed that the city is really illuminated since they were able to illuminate all the main and internal streets and the side streets as well.

11 August 2012
El Mina city shines in spite of the electricity rationing thanks to a municipal and civil effort
The first results of the cooperation between the public sector represented by the municipalities and the civil sector represented by Azm And Saada Association have appeared starting from last Saturday. In fact, with the implementation of the electricity rationing evening program, the project aiming at illuminating the main streets and internal quarters of the city has been launched by the municipality of El Mina in cooperation with Azm And Saada Association. This initiative makes a part of the cooperation agreement between Al Fayhaa Federation and Azm And Saada Association aiming at providing overnight illumination in the different cities of Al Fayhaa urban communities during the holy month of Ramadan provided that the municipalities will provide the continuous illumination of the main streets after the holy month of Ramadan. Citizens and shoppers in Port Said seem to be satisfied since the street was totally illuminated and decorated. The same region has witnessed an active traffic and an intensive presence of shoppers who took advantage of the illuminated streets to go for a walk especially on cornice El Mina that was totally illuminated from Mikati Palace until the coast in front of Arab University of Beirut. In the internal quarters, citizens left their houses to shop or to take a look on the latest trends of clothes and shoes or to buy the necessities of Ramadan table. Children seemed also to be happy for they were playing under the lights spread here and there in the quarters and side streets.
Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Issa, Head of El Mina Municipality pointed out the importance of the effect of the execution of this vital project on El Mina since it provides an overnight illumination according to the electricity rationing program. Accordingly, people can enjoy a shining holy Ramadan and the shopping without worrying about the electricity rationing. He added that citizens can enjoy a secure walk in the illuminated streets or cornice.
Dr. Issa thanked Azm And Saada Association for the initiative it has launched and wished that it will lead to cooperation in many different domains for the benefit of the citizens and the city. At the end he asked God to keep El Mina a shining city.

6 August 2012
Al Fayhaa Federation cooperates with Azm Association to illuminate Al Fayhaa City
A press conference has been held in the conference room of the municipality of Tripoli to announce the details of the project aiming at illuminating the streets and squares of Tripoli's three cities in the presence of the President of Al Fayhaa Urban Community Dr. Nader Al Ghazal; Head of Tripoli Municipality, Ambassador Mohamed Issa; Head of El Mina municipality, Hassan Ghamrawi; Head of Al Beddawi municipality, Dr. Abdelilah Mikati; General Supervisor over Al Azm And Saada Social Association, Tawfik Daboussi; Secretary General of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chambers Federation in Lebanon, Engineer Bassem Khayat appointed by Azm Association to supervise the project and Dr. Mohamed Chamsine, member of the municipal council. Al Ghazal thanked PM Najib Mikati for the initiative he launched through Azm And Saada Association according to which he will adopt the project aiming at illuminating Al Fayhaa cities. He detailed as well the steps taken to implement the project. Moreover, he discussed the illumination current situation in Al Fayhaa cities saying that 90% of Al Beddawi and Wadi Nahleh streets have been illuminated. He added that two electricity generators have been installed there.
In El Mina, the majority of the streets have been illuminated.
In Tripoli city, the region between Al-Khanak Bridge and Baroud crossroad and the region between Al-Inaya Al-Ahliya crossroads toward Al-Helwe crossroad in Abi Samra have been illuminated. In addition, cables have been installed in Al-Daya and Saadoun stations to illuminate Saadoun square, in Hariri station located in Al-Mawlawi crossroad and Darwish station located in Danawi square to illuminate streets around Al-Mawlawi crossroad until Danawi square. Moreover, cables have been installed in Al-Manar station to illuminate the street between al-Manar region until Fathi Yakan St. In the same context, Al-Tadrib station has been provided with new cables to illuminate Al-Chiraa square and the street arriving to Danawi palace. Danawi station has been also provided with cables to illuminate the region arriving to Al-Iman school. We should note also that all these regions will by Allah's grace be illuminated during the night.

31 July 2012
El Mina municipality calls on citizens to keep the islands clean
As summer season arrives and citizens are allowed to visit Tripoli offshore islands and protected nature reserves, huge numbers of citizens go to these sites to have some rest and enjoy a good stay there.
Consequently, they become a popular place where people swim. However this fact disturbs El Mina Municipality for visitors leave waste and garbage that the municipality workers have to collect every day; noting that this mission is sometimes very difficult because visitors don't respect the instructions and signs calling on them to throw away their rubbish in the special containers.
Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Issa, Head of El Mina Municipality urges on the citizens who visit these islands and nature reserves to keep them clean and to respect the instructions on the waste disposal. He pointed out that some of these islands are classified as nature reserves where unique array of marine animals and plants live. He added that leaving waste on these islands may cause a huge environmental damage that may affect the life thereon and send visitors away who don’t like to see these important tourist sites dirty and unclean.

31 July 2012
The inauguration of the summer season on Abed Al Wahab’s island
El-Mina municipality and the environment protection committee have both inaugurated the summer season on El-Mina’s island for marine environment “Abed Al Wahab’s island” in the presence of the ambassador Mohammad Issa, the environment protection committee’s president the engineer Amer Haddad, Inner wheel club’s president Nisrine El-Ayoubi, the environmental activist Nouhad Zaylaa, Saba Dawra a representive of the association for Tripoli and El-Mina development, some environmental scouts and finally a crowd of El-Mina’s habitants. First the ambassador Issa pointed out the contribution of development and construction council as well as Safadi foundation in collaboration with the environment protection committee in the rehabilitation of the island which is funded by the European Union. Issa has also reminded that high waves and strong winds have caused damage to the installations set up previously on the island noting that the works that have recently taken place, have lasted for a few weeks especially regarding to the establishment of a pool and the paving of walkways. Moreover, Issa has announced the inauguration of the island in front of the public from seven in the morning till seven in the evening hoping that guests can keep the island clean as well as its touristic and environmental establishments and that the objective of the reopening of the island as an outlet for El-Mina’s habitants and the neighborhood can be achieved especially that the current circumstances has made it difficult for many people to visit offshore sites easily as they used to. In this occasion, the ambassador Issa has given to Nouhad Zaylaa a shield of honor in recognition of his efforts and his contribution in the rehabilitation of the island.

13 July 2012
The visit of the ambassador Mr. Patrice Paoli
The mayor of El Mina and the ambassador Dr. Mohamad Sobhi has received the new French ambassador in Lebanon Mr. Patrice Paoli at quarter past nine on Wednesday morning 11/07/2012. Talks addressed generally the municipality’s works and particularly the development projects which create jobs for the habitants of El Mina city especially in the field of tourist investments. They also talked about the importance of dealing the donors with the municipalities that represent the civil society which always needs support. Moreover, the discussion included the Middle East and all the serious events which are happening and affecting everyone in this part of the world.

11 July 2012
"Eco-Friendly Bikes"
Concerning the protection of the environment and in order to have a health, sound life, the ambassador Dr. Mohammad Issa has launched the project "Eco-Friendly Bikes". This project took place in Al Sheikh Affan region on the corniche and it has been carried out by the "Publi Eventi S.A.R.L" company in collaboration with El- Mina municipality. Some of the Municipal Council members, the company’s director as well as some activists from the civil society have participated in this ceremony to develop the tourism especially that the transportation on the corniche by bikes from Al Sheikh Affan region to Beirut Arab University at Ras El Sakhr is free and for no charge.

17 June 2012
Visit of the Lebanese Red Cross and the Firefighting Department
Within the Active Citizenship and Risks Prevention project implemented in the cities of Al-Fayhaa Union of Municipalities, the Lebanese Red Cross in cooperation with the Firefighting department has given a lecture in the conference room in El-Mina municipality in the presence of the students of Al-Nahda Official School for boys and Al-Hayat Official School for girls. The lecture aims at raising their awareness toward catastrophes and risks that encounter them in their environment and at encouraging them to present a good performance and to adopt right behaviors during emergencies.

12 May 2012
Sciences Competition 2012
Under the sponsorship of El-Mina Municipality President Ambassador Mohamed Issa, the National Committee for Sciences and Research has organized a science competition in the conference room in El-Mina municipality. Students from different schools in the North Lebanon have taken part in this competition presenting a wide number of projects in various fields such as robot, technology, electronics, communication and scientific research. A jury formed from university teachers has also participated to assess the projects.

5 May 2012
Peace Dolphin has been revealed in El-Mina
In order to support and encourage touristic activities and projects, El-Mina Municipality President Ambassador Mohamed Issa has revealed the Peace Dolphin built at the eastern entrance of the city and appreciated the efforts of Inner Wheel Club El-Mina has deployed to execute this civilized project. President of Tripoli Municipality Dr Nader Al-Ghazal represented by Engineer Omar Al-Hoz, a municipality member, Engineer Amer Haddad, Head of Environment Maintenance Committee as well as a group of municipalities members, mayors and representatives of cultural and social committees have taken part in this event.

4 May 2012