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El Mina Municipality concludes the end of the year by cleaning sewer pipes

El Mina Municipality carried out the campaign to clean the sewage pipes in the inner quarters of the old market behind Khan al-Tamathili with the help of mechanisms belonging to the Federation of Municipalities of Fayhaa after the heavy rains caused by the recent storm.
The President Abdelkader Alam Aldine stressed the importance of cleaning the pipes not to repeat what happened .The workshop workers were accompanied by the Mayor Alammedine who cleaned and opened sewage pipes.
This act was reassuring residents and traders of internal markets

Protocol of cooperation between El Mina municipality and the Rotary Club

El Mina municipality and El MinaTripoli Rotary Club signed a "protocol of cooperation on the purification of drinking water in public schools".
The ceremony was held at the El Mina municipal palace with the Lebanese national anthem, followed by a Rotary Club anthem. Then Mr Bechara Habib, welcomed the audience. The words were also addressed to Rotary Club President Robert Ayoub, President of El Mina Municipality Abdelkader Alam Aldin.
The protocol provides that the club shall supply and install drinking water purification facilities in public schools. In turn, the municipality monitors the quality of the purified water periodically in order to protect the health of the school children. Finally, a cocktail party was held and photographs taken.

Photo competition for the municipal police of women

Competitors must submit their photos by e-mail:
The e-mail address should be:
Municipal police of women, the name of the participant, the municipality
Contest closes Tuesday, November 21, 2017
The results are announced at the inauguration of the Women's Municipal Police Exhibition at the El Mina Municipal Palace on December 5, 2017
Your participation is an excellent support for the municipal women's police in Lebanon

She Municipal police

UNDP, with funds from the Embassy of Canada to Lebanon, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon, UNHCR Lebanon and the Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) are supporting the vision and efforts of the El Mina Municipality to hire women municipal police, through an original Audio-Visual Exhibition. This exhibition includes documentaries about the steps taken by the municipal authorities to recruit women within the municipal police and the work of the female municipal police.

Visit of American delegation of the International Orthodox Christian Association (IOCC)

An American delegation of the International Orthodox Christian Association (IOCC), headed by Mr. Constantin Trianavilu, visited the El Mina Municipality , the delegation was received by the president Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, and discussed ways of cooperation between them.
The visit included a field visit to the project sites implemented by the Association as part of the WFP-supported Shelter and Job Creation Community Project, in cooperation with El Mina municipality.

Kifah Street in "Our City Our WAy "

" Our City Our WAy " a joint program between El Mina Municipality & Safadi Foundation & Beirut Arab University funded by the European Union which aims to develop the capacities of a group of young people from El Mina between 13 and 17 years old. Al-Kifah street the way was their station where they met the people of the street and presented a model of their perception of the neighborhood.
The municipality will work with the parties involved in the program to implement this vision. He was greeted with admiration and acceptance from the neighborhood.

French MP visits El Mina Municipal Palace

A member of the French Republican Party, Yves Sensi, visited the El Mina Municipal Palace
He was accompanied by Advisor Ahmad Rifaiya and advisor to Minister Faisal Karami, Mr. Yasser Aboushi, where they were received by the El Mina Municipality vice president Dr. Michel Fallah and a number of municipality council members.
Both parties discussed the general situation and the means of cooperation in the municipal work, where Sensi is declared his help for the municipal council to carry out his projects.

Litterature Meeting with JO WITEK

As part of Beirut's "Salon du livre francophone", the French Institute of Tripoli in collaboration with El Mina Municipality hosted in their libraries Mrs. JO WITEK, youth author. Mrs. WITEK met with students from 3 official schools:
• Gibran Khalil Gibran in Tripoli.
• Andree Nahass High School
.Al-Hayat School in Mina.
The meeting was warm and students were interested in the life of the writer and Mrs. Witek was delighted with their participation.

Delegation of the Union of Trade Unions French Visit El Mina Municipality
The President of El Mina Municipality received at the Municipal Palace the President of the National Federation of Trade Unions and Employees in Lebanon, Mr. Castro Al-Abdullah, accompanied by a delegation of the Federation of Trade Unions in France, CGT of the Rhône-Alpes region : The official responsible for international relations, Mr. Jean-Jacques Goagon and the secretary general Mrs. Agnes NATHON, who is visiting Lebanon today where the participants examined the unions in Lebanon and the situation of France and the opportunity to take advantage regulations and laws in force relating to workers and employees in France on the other hand Abdul Qadir Alam El Din pointed out on the means of cooperation of the delegation between the French municipalities and El Mina Municipality in order to exchange experiences in various development problems that contribute to the improvement of the Lebanese situation of the workers.
The President of El Mina Municipality received in his office a delegation from the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)
The project was funded by the World Food Program (WFP), Roni Jalkh, following the implementation of the first phase of the project: rehabilitation, planting and extension of irrigation systems of the surrounding environment and green spaces of the city, rehabilitation and expansion of the municipal nursery. The delegation offered ways to cooperate with the municipality in the near future and for projects to be implemented in the city and a memorandum of cooperation was signed .
the Safadi roundabout lighting project
The Innerwil El Mina Club has launched the Safadi roundabout lighting project on the corniche in coordination with the municipality of El Mina and this in the framework of the project of the whole club on lighting with solar energy.
ALAMEDDINE : The Dream became Reallity
Congratulations to my family in Mina and Tripoli, the dream became a reality after the vote of the municipal council on the resolution, we will start implementation of the project funds allocated and we will work to bring the rest of the money as soon as possible, and we will work together to achieve this dream.
Thank you to the United Nations Development Program, the International Labor Organization (IL.O), the Kuwait Development Fund and the Ministries of Labor and Social Affairs for their confidence in the port and its people in providing funding for the start of the project. We will try to procure all the costs of the project as donations in order to strengthen the relationship between El Mina and international institutions, which is reflected in our society.
Rehabilitation of the Corniche is the dream of El Mina residents and it was my personal Dream because I established this Corniche in the eighties of the last century in cooperation with the successive municipal councils, and God has honored me to develop this Corniche with the current El Mina municipal council .
Today's World Sight
On the occasion of Today's World Sight , and under the patronage of His Excellency the Northern Governor Ramzi Nahra, the Lebanese Vision Syndicate is organizing a campaign to examine and distribute free medical glasses under the supervision of a number of licensed specialists in El Mina municipal palace.
The press conference
The press conference held by the President of El Mina Municipality, Mr. Abdelkader Alamedine, in the municipal palace of El Mina after removing the violations of the waterfront.
I greet journalists and representatives of the visual, audio, written and electronic media. My colleagues, members of the municipal council.

My family in El Mina,
The Corniche was always a beautiful dream for all of us, the Corniche, who made a fierce effort to see the light in the 1980s. I have always worked to complement its tourist components to play its role in serving the inhabitants of 'El Mina. My goal with my colleagues is to arrive at a healthy, clean and environmental tourist city that will be sung by the entire Lebanese nation and will be a gewerly on the Mediterranean Sea. When we entered the municipal council, we prepared a plan to eliminate all the constraints. The security meeting was held at the office of the Governor of the North in Serail of Tripoli at the invitation of His Excellency the Minister of Labor, Mohamed Kabara, that we thank him for the invitation he has received. Ministers, deputies, former ministers and their representatives, security officers and presidents of municipalities of the Union, whose decisions they have taken to lift all violations and to abolish them, in order to accomplish this. we prepared it well with the warnings we sent to kiosk and offender owners across the city to be aware of it.
We are through this phase through the efforts of the city council and the support of the inhabitants of El Mina, we are eliminating the pitfalls and obstacles to achieve the desired result.

My family in El Mina,
During the civil war that struck our homeland, I put my blood on my hands and I made every effort to organize this city and build this Corniche. El Mina was an example for all of Lebanon, and anyone who could work in the war could easily develop in peace.
My colleagues and I in Municipal council felt that El Mina Corniche should be the ideal and be the most important tourist landmark in Lebanon. Of course, In the service of the interests of El Mina people, rich and poor, this cornice will provide hundreds employment, we can develop without generalizing the chaos and irregularities.
I want to assure that soon we will have a clean corniche, a clean sea, popular pools for all, a city of ecotourism for all and what will be implemented in El Mina, has nothing to do with brochures suspicious projects. I am the first who has faced Money whales to preserve our sea, our environment, and this Corniche will be for the poor before the rich and an exit for the all the Lebanese.

My family in El Mina
We are in front of a project with an integrated route plan for the Corniche where there will be gardens, walking areas, sports and cycling corridors, and there will be kiosks according to environmental specifications, what we are doing is by the decision of El Mina people who has the right to take advantage of their sea.
The achievements are achieved thanks to the support of all the political leaders of Tripoli, the main economic and social players of Tripoli and El Mina, and their good faith in this project. I would also like to thank my colleagues on the municipal council who, like the major builders, have supported this approach, in addition to the councils that I chaired with all the leaders of the security services, the leadership of the army and the leadership of the forces internal security and public security, which have carried out the elimination in a judicious and perfect manner.

My family in El Mina
Let us go together to serve our city which is for all of us and that interests us. We hope that we will begin development projects and complete them as soon as possible to reap the rewards for having a city of waves and Horizons the first tourist city in Lebanon.
Declaration after elimination of irregularities
Our people in El Mina and Tripoli
After removing the violations that prevented families from going on the promenade in previous years, we want to assure you that the new reality and after providing the necessary security of all forces, the Lebanese army, Public Security, Homeland Security and Municipal Police who are on the Corniche and the City of El Mina to ensure the safety of our visitors from today.
The Waves and the Horizon for You
Welcome everyone
Abdulkader Rouhi Alamedine
Our City Our Way
A field tour conducted by young people in the old port city neighborhoods, in order to choose a neighborhood to rehabilitate he project "Our City Our Way", co-funded by the European Union within the framework of the Regional Program Med Culture and the SouthMed CV Project, realized by Safadi Foundation in cooperation with El Mina Municipality & Beirut Arab University with a group of 30 youths between the ages of 14 and 17, As a "child-friendly city" based on their needs, aspirations and dreams, drawing on the techniques of architectural drawing, photography and building of models.
Rehabilitation and expansion of the municipal nursery
Within the framework of the IOCC project in support of the host community and the creation of jobs funded by the World Food Program (WFP) and in cooperation with the Environment Committee of El Mina Municipality, the rehabilitation and expansion of the municipal nursery was carried out and supplied with large quantities of trees and seedlings. The project also included the rehabilitation, planting and extension of an irrigation network for the Safadi roundabout on the sea promenade, and the surrounding areas - the entrance of public housing. In addition to the rehabilitation and cultivation center of the entrance to the northern city towards the port of Tripoli. Under the supervision of the Project Manager, Engineer Roni Al-Jalakh of IOCC. El Municipality thanks the International Christian Orthodox Association for Humanitarian Affairs (IOCC), in particular Afif Nassim for his efforts in rehabilitating and expanding the municipal nurseries and the Safadi roundabout.
Visit to Barcelona
A delegation of the Federation of Municipalities of Fayhaa, led by the President of the Federation, Ing. Ahmad Qamareddin, Vice-President Abdelkader Alameldin and the Director of the Federation, Ing. Dima Homsi, made a technical visit to Catalonia and Barcelona. The delegation was accompanied by technical engineer Abdulla Abdel Wahab as technical advisor to the Mediterranean Cities Network. Mr. Alain Chatri Director of the United Nations Development Program in the North and Engineer Tarek Smarji, technical advisor in the project to be implemented.

The visit is at the invitation of the Government of Catalonia, The Project aims to develop source waste management in the cities of the Union. This project is funded by 5 official offices in Catalonia and implemented in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program in Lebanon (UNDP) in coordination with the Mediterranean Cities Network (MEDCITIES).

The three-day visit included a detailed explanation of waste management in the Catalan regions with specialists and experts. The delegation visited the waste management companies, laboratories, sorting and recycling and visited the Waste to Energy waste plant.

The visit ended with interviews with officials from the Catalan government, the municipality of Barcelona and the donors, and it was decided to launch the project by setting up 4 pilot projects to sort from the source in the municipalities of the Union in order to improve the status of the sorting laboratory and generalize experience in all regions.

Alammedine visited The Patriarch Raï
The Maronite Patriarch Béchara Boutros Raii has welcomed The president of El Mina Municipality Abdulkader Alameddine, this annual visit to congratulate the Patriarch for his moving to the Patriarchal residence in Diman, Alameddine discussed with his Eminence the Political and social lebanese situations , and in particular that of Tripoli and Mina. He also invited the Patriarch to visit the city of El Mina. In turn, the Patriarch promised to visit the city as soon possible.
Organizational meeting with the owners of the butchers in El Mina Municipality
The President of El Mina Municipality met all the Butchers of the city in Presence of the President of the Department of Health in the municipality Dr. Zaher Orabi, they discussed The question of the slaughter of animals sacrificed on the occasion of ïd al-Adha. Mr. Alameddine has request all the butchers to carry out the slaughter of the sacrificed animals in a unique place for the whole process, and suggested that it 'll be on the place of fish, because the slaughter of sacrificial animals between residential buildings and with unpleasant odors and environmentally harmful residues is a sign Of non-civilization.

The owners of the butcheries refused this proposal in reason of time constraints and the place did not have the proposed rehabilitation. Therefore, the president Advised the Participants of the meeting that the current year is the last year when the slaughter of the animals sacrificed will be followed on the method used previously, under penalty of the application of the sanitary conditions in accordance with the laws and provisions in force, By warnings and ends with the closing of the butchery.
A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Municipality of El Mina and the Lebanese Youth Development Association
A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Municipality of El Mina and the Lebanese Youth Development Association (Drug Program) at the El Mina Municipal Palace in the presence of President Najib Mikati representing Mikati Mr Moukbel Malak and His Excellency General Ashraf Rifi and Mr. Khaled Eit as well as military representatives and associations. The ceremony included the speech of President Alam El Dine and the speech of the President of the Lebanese Youth Development Association Mr. Mohamed Othman, and the speakers agreed on the fight against drugs and totally suppressed Lebanese communities and Increase the budget of the Office against drugs and make an independent management and create a post of a special prosecutor in the fight against drugs in order to avoid any out-of-law delay testing in this regard. The Council stresses the need to raise awareness among Lebanese communities of schools, universities and social forums and students.
The French parliamentary delegation visited the city of El Mina
A delegation of the French Parliament visited the municipality El Mina Chaired by MP Martin Foner, Chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Affairs in Parliament, accompanied by a delegation of the Lebanese Red Cross and Mr Gustave Fayard where they were welcomed by President Abdul Qadir Alam Al-Din in the City Palace.
The delegation presented ways of cooperation between the two countries, particularly on social and health levels, they Visited also the clinic of the Red Cross Branch El Mina.
The municipality of El Mina has followed the environmental awareness plan at Abdul Wahab Island
The Municipality has followed the plan of awareness that it was launched previously with the official and private schools, in cooperation with the company Lavagete.

The visit included children planting seedlings and recycling activities, in addition to outreach through workshops and distribution of gaming CDs for sorting waste at the source by the Lavagete team as The latter is a cleaning company, the purpose of the awareness plan is to instill values and environmental principles in children.
Cleaning campaigns for EL MINA city
The Municipality of El Mina has launched A cleaning campaign since July 16, 2017, starting with the cleaning of the Corniche and has continued to clean the popular pool in cooperation with the Lavagette company and a large group of young volunteers "First Aid Ecologists" Included in this campaign the cleaning of the rock beach from rubble and waste by transforming it to a sandy beach as in the past.

This campaign used, bulldozers and vehicles of the municipality and the means of recycling carried out by the group of young people, the latter have already cleaned the entire coast for months.

These campaigns are considered to be cleanliness capacities for the entire maritime boundary by motivating citizens on the culture of hygiene and recycling.

The municipality thanked Mr. Nouhad Zailaa fighter in the environment; Ex chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee and ex Member Municipal council to take care of this campaign and who has accompanied this formidable campaign since the beginning of the morning.

This campaign is organized by the Environment Committee in the municipality, led by environmental activist Me Samah Zailaa and members of the Environment Committee: Mr Yahia Ghazi, Mr Camille Antoun, Mr Wadah Adra Under the leadership of Mayor M. Abdul Qadir Alameddine.

Note that the municipality during the month of July clean up the public park and other parks so other cleaning campaigns were carried out along the Corniche with a spray of pesticides in the neighborhoods.

Street Mohamad Ali Khodr
The launch of the name of Mohammad Ali Khodr was realized in the Ziraah district, in the presence of the president and members of the El Mina Municipal council. The Unveiling was preceded by a speech at the Municipal Palace of El Mina, where he brought together the sons of the Professor Khodr and his family and friends to honor the memory of his educational and social services provided by the city of El Mina And its inhabitants.
"Made of Beirut"
The President of the Municipality of El-Mina Abdul Kader Alameddine welcomed the organization "Made of Beirut" : MM Raafat Abu Hamza and Nayla Aziz and Rabi Khalifa and Imad Gemayel.

The delegation informed him of their projects in Beirut and the areas targeted to support all types of urban, social and cultural intervention linked to the public sector.

The group discussed the possibility of implementing similar projects in El Mina, in order to upgrade many places in public zone and to work for the improvement of the good use of the citizens and to involve them in the implementation of various activities, which helps to attract the greatest number of visitors to El Mina.