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The municipality of El Mina has followed the environmental awareness plan at Abdul Wahab Island
The Municipality has followed the plan of awareness that it was launched previously with the official and private schools, in cooperation with the company Lavagete.

The visit included children planting seedlings and recycling activities, in addition to outreach through workshops and distribution of gaming CDs for sorting waste at the source by the Lavagete team as The latter is a cleaning company, the purpose of the awareness plan is to instill values and environmental principles in children.
Cleaning campaigns for EL MINA city
The Municipality of El Mina has launched A cleaning campaign since July 16, 2017, starting with the cleaning of the Corniche and has continued to clean the popular pool in cooperation with the Lavagette company and a large group of young volunteers "First Aid Ecologists" Included in this campaign the cleaning of the rock beach from rubble and waste by transforming it to a sandy beach as in the past.

This campaign used, bulldozers and vehicles of the municipality and the means of recycling carried out by the group of young people, the latter have already cleaned the entire coast for months.

These campaigns are considered to be cleanliness capacities for the entire maritime boundary by motivating citizens on the culture of hygiene and recycling.

The municipality thanked Mr. Nouhad Zailaa fighter in the environment; Ex chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee and ex Member Municipal council to take care of this campaign and who has accompanied this formidable campaign since the beginning of the morning.

This campaign is organized by the Environment Committee in the municipality, led by environmental activist Me Samah Zailaa and members of the Environment Committee: Mr Yahia Ghazi, Mr Camille Antoun, Mr Wadah Adra Under the leadership of Mayor M. Abdul Qadir Alameddine.

Note that the municipality during the month of July clean up the public park and other parks so other cleaning campaigns were carried out along the Corniche with a spray of pesticides in the neighborhoods.

Street Mohamad Ali Khodr
The launch of the name of Mohammad Ali Khodr was realized in the Ziraah district, in the presence of the president and members of the El Mina Municipal council. The Unveiling was preceded by a speech at the Municipal Palace of El Mina, where he brought together the sons of the Professor Khodr and his family and friends to honor the memory of his educational and social services provided by the city of El Mina And its inhabitants.

"Made of Beirut"
The President of the Municipality of El-Mina Abdul Kader Alameddine welcomed the organization "Made of Beirut" : MM Raafat Abu Hamza and Nayla Aziz and Rabi Khalifa and Imad Gemayel.

The delegation informed him of their projects in Beirut and the areas targeted to support all types of urban, social and cultural intervention linked to the public sector.

The group discussed the possibility of implementing similar projects in El Mina, in order to upgrade many places in public zone and to work for the improvement of the good use of the citizens and to involve them in the implementation of various activities, which helps to attract the greatest number of visitors to El Mina.

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