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Cooperation agreement between the Municipality of El Mina and the Arab University of Beirut to transfer The land adjacent to the university in a public park

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The President of the El Mina Municipality Abdelkader AlamAldin and the President of the Arab University of Beirut, Amr Jalal El-Adawi, have signed a cooperation agreement on infrastructure and the environment within the headquarters of the university branch of the city of El Mina.
The signing ceremony was attended by Al-Bara Al-Ihsan Chairman of the Board, Said Al-Jazairi University Board, Tripoli Section Vice President Prof. Khalid Al -Baghdadi, Secretary General of the University, Mr. Omar Houri, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Ibtahl Bastawadi; Tripoli Ahmed Sankri and a host of college administrators and members of El Mina City Council.

President Alameddine spoke about the concept of this agreement and its contents: "This cooperation document is not the first between us and the Arab University of Beirut - El Mina branch. the foundation stone for the creation of the university branch in the city of El Mina. As the city developed a relationship between us and the university and the Association for the Judicial and Charity Stoppage at the time of the late Issam Houri's former president, we were able to respond to requests university administration in construction, investment. "We are proud today to sign a cooperation document for the creation of a public park near the university headquarters, which will be shared between us and will benefit the sons of El Mina and the students of the university.

The president of the Arab University of Beirut said: "We signed today an agreement, the first of its kind with the president of the Municipality, to transfer the land adjacent to the university branch in a park. public interest for El Mina residents and students. " "Our presence here is not limited to this unique university education center in Lebanon and the Middle East. It includes our vision of partnership with the residents of Tripoli, El Mina and the North to create a story of success not only at the educational level but also for the development of the city. Since its creation, the region has experienced significant development and has opened the doors of work to the inhabitants of the city and the region. Most of the university's employees and professors come from Tripoli and the North.

Visit of the President of the General Labor Union, Beshara Asmar, to El Mina Municipality

The President of the General Union of Workers, Mr. Beshara Al-Asmar, and the President of the Federation of Northern Trade Unions, Mr. Shaaban Badra and the Secretary of the Union, Mr. Shadi Al-Sayyid ,Mr. Ahmed Morsali visited the President of El Mina Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din. In the presence of the Municipal Council Member Engineer Fadi El Sayed.
The meeting discussed the issue of municipal workers.

Donation of the Fayhaa Poet Cultural Foundation Saba Zureik to the Public Library of El Mina Municipality

President Abdelkader Alam El Din received in his office Ms. Nadine Jabbour Najjar of Al Faihaa Poet Cultural Foundation Saba Zureik, who give the public Municipal Library a collection of books containing encyclopedias and books in Arabic.
Alamedine thanked Dr. Saba Zureik who expressed his love for the city of El Mina and praised the Foundation's efforts to spread culture and science among the Lebanese population in general and the North in particular.

The campaign "Donate blood and save live" was launched in the El Mina Municipal Palace

As part of a youth initiative of the two cities of Tripoli and Mina in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross and with the participation of the Association of Scouts of the Environment in Lebanon under the slogan "Donate Blood and Save Live "the blood donation campaign was launched this morning in the municipal palace hall and continues until 4 pm.

A delegation from the Catalan Agency for Development and the Network of Mediterranean Cities visited the city of El Mina

A delegation from the Catalan Agency for Development and the Network of Mediterranean Cities, chaired by Ms. Carmen Gual, accompanied by Mr. Alain Shatri, UNDP Head in the North and Mr. Abdulla Abdel Wahab, Director of the Center for the Dissemination of Federation of Fayhaa Municipalities, the federation informed President Alamedine the detail of the Catalanien donation, through the United Nations Development Program, to the Federation of Fayhaa Municipalities for the implementation of the project aimed at improve waste management in the cities of Fayha, especially the source separation project.

Remove illegal billboards

Emergency workshops in El Mina municipality and the police of the municipality launched a campaign to remove billboards deployed within the framework of the city, on the basis of a decision made by President Abdul Qadir Alam Al-Din, this campaign was completed by police officers and a number of technicians to eliminate irregularities and breaches of public and private property.
"The owners of the billboards did not deliberately pay the duties and taxes to the municipal fund, despite several warnings, in addition to the random spread of billboards in the streets and along the Corniche and in the main streets , which almost obscured the aesthetic characteristics of the city of waves and the horizon, calling on the owners of advertising agencies to comply with the laws taking into account environmental conditions.

Meeting of the Union of Fayhaa Municipalities in the Serail of Tripoli chaired by Alameldine.

The Vice President of the Union of Fayhaa Municipalities, the President of El Mina Municipality Abdelkader AlamAldin, chaired a meeting of the Union of Fayhaa Municipalities in Sérail of Tripoli in the Northern Governor's Office, Ramzi Nahra, chaired by Vice President in the absence of Ahmad Qamarddin for health reasons. Presented were Governor Nahra and Beddawi President Hassan Ghamrawi, Mayor of Kalamoun Talal Dunkir, Chief of Municipalities Department of Melhem Melhem Governorate and Union Director Dima Homsi. The meeting decided:
1- Appoint president of El Mina Municipality to communicate with the officials concerned in order to pay the fees of the two companies to the cities of Fayhaa due to an environmental crisis causing the spread of waste and the resulting epidemics.
2 - terminate employment and contracts in all their forms in the Union for a full year and stop paying bonuses and overtime.
3 - Form a committee comprising Alamedine and Ghamrawi to examine the situation of workers and entrepreneurs and to give up those who don't need their services.

Dialogue "Municipal and local development" in the El Mina Municipality

On the initiative of the International Christian Orthodox Association for Humanitarian Goodwill IOCC, the association organized a discussion session on "Municipal and Local Development and Municipal Office of Local Development" at El Mina Municipal Palace, The members of the City Council's Municipal Affairs Committee were: Samah Al Zaila, Yahia Ghazi, Habib. Shami and Kamil Antoun, as well as Rooney Aljalkh and Sally Nouchi. The discussion focused on the functions and the most important role of the Municipal Bureau of Local Development, in addition to the role and functions of the head of the office.

Closing Ceremony of the Lebanese Armed Forces Martyrs' Championship in El Mina Municipality

Under the high patronage of the El Mina Municipality , the Tripoli coordinator organized a ceremony for Future's sport sector in honor of the Lebanese army martyrs' session in the Great Hall of the Municipal Palace. , under the presence of General Secretary of the Future Movement, Mr. Ahmed Hariri, and the representative of the Northern Governor, Mr. Luqman Al-Kurdi. Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, and members of the Council of the Municipality of El Mina, Coordinator of Future in Tripoli, Mr. Nasser Adra, the representative of the Minister of Labor, Mohamed Abdellatif Kabbara, Mr. Sami Reza, and social, cultural, political and sports activities.
The ceremony began with the Lebanese national anthem and a minute of silence on the martyrs of the Lebanese army.
The evening included speeches by the head of the Sports Department of the Future Coordinator in Tripoli, Mr. Fadi El Masri, the President of the El Mina Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, and the Secretary General of the Future Movement, Mr. Ahmed Hariri.
At the end of the ceremony, cups and medals were distributed to the winners as follows:
First place: Future Movement Youth Team
Second place: Lebanese army team
Third place: the Monla hospital team
A medal of honor was awarded to two persons : the eldest athlete Elias George, presented by his son Claude Kharma, and the Achbal El Mina coach Mohammad Lahibi ( Abu Hassan).

El Mina Municipality opened the roads

El Mina Municipality opened the two roads Sheikh Afan_ Corniche and round Safadi after they closed them today caused by maintenance work doing by the workers' workshops as a result of the works of rehabilitation of the Corniche and what resulted from various ditches and the remnants of the storm.

Cleaning El Mina corniche from the storm effects

The Workshops of the workers of El Mina Municipality in cooperation with Lavagette, collected the rubble along the corniche following the wave surge. By the way, El Mina Municipality warned all citizens to not park their cars along the corniche to protect their safety from high waves.

Workshop on risk maps and resources based on mechanisms of stability and flexibility .

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in collaboration with the Municipality of El Mina and the Ministry of Social Affairs, organized a workshop on risk maps and resources based on mechanisms of stability and flexibility, attended by the President of the Municipality, Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din. As well as many representatives of NGOs, Scouts and international organizations as well as activists of the city who are distributed in the following sectors: economy, environment, health, social, infrastructure and education to study and present the needs and opportunities in each sector. The workshop ended with the presentation of each sector to the problems it was facing and to the proposed projects with the vote of all the participants in the project.