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The opening of the first model park in Lebanon

The El Mina Model Garden is an environmentally friendly space that takes into account the conditions of its implementation for people with special needs, especially the blind and children.
Once again, the fruitful cooperation between the El Mina Municipality and the international organizations supporting and financing projects of public interest was inaugurated, this time the park of El Mina was inaugurated near the Central. This park supports people with special needs, including toilets and new corridors that guide the blind on the right path.
Thank you to UN-HABITAT and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation for their trust and support for El Mina Municipality and for further cooperation in the interest of the city and its inhabitants.

Alamedine sends members of the Tripoli fire brigade with their vehicles to help extinguish the fires spreading in Lebanon

The firefighters of Tripoli were dispatched with their vehicles to participate in the fires in Lebanon, particularly in the Al-Mushrif area, in the Chouf, in accordance with the directives of the temporary president of the Federation of Fayhaa Municipalities Abdelkader Alameldin and at the request of the Risk Management Authority. To be fully prepared for any possible fire, in addition to helping neighboring areas, to intervene immediately and to help citizens and to do everything possible to put out fires, especially in suburbs of Zghartgreen, Dinniyeh, and other parts of Lebanon

El Mina Municipality deliver a donation from SGBL to Schools

The Municipal Education Committee distributed to ten public schools in El Mina: 105 school bags and 150 units of supplies, offered by SGBL. We appreciate this initiative launched by CEO Antoine Sehnaoui and wish SGBL lasting prosperity.

Launch of Mina Public Space: 16 October 2019

PublicSpaces can positively transform our cities and bring communities together. The well-being of citizens, including vulnerable groups, is directly influenced by the environment they live in.
When planning or redesigning our cities, ensuring adequate and inclusive public spaces, especially in very densely populated cities, become vital for urban life.
Inclusive public spaces can also play a central role in the social and economic life of communities. They provide people opportunities to come together, engage with the community and foster social cohesion.
This is why, UN-HABITAT Lebanonis supporting the community of Mina to implement a 10,000m2 PublicSpace.
This space includes more than 4,000m2 of safe playgrounds, inclusive stroll paths for people who are physically disabled, tactiles for people who are visually impaired, and braille signage installed at all facilities, green areas for a healthier environment, and bins to have a cleaner space for all.
This inclusive public space is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation w/ in full support from the Mina Municipality, Tripoli.
El Mina Municipality invites the residents of El Mina to open the public park Riad Solh St (El Mina Way) Wednesday, October 16 at 12 noon.

El Mina Municipality hosts the training session on cultural Management

The second training session on cultural management, which began on Friday, October 4, was organized by the Arab Cities Organization in cooperation with El Mina Municipality , in the presence of the Northern Governor, Judge Ramzi Nahra, Secretary General of the Organization, Ahmed Hamad Al-Subaih. Samir Kheir, Director General of the Cultural Action Group for Arab Cities Samir Kheir, President of the North Lebanon Cultural Council Safouh Mounjed, Director of the Office of the Secretary General and Head of External Relations Jinan Hussein, Head of the Luqman Provincial Department Kurdish, Dr Jean Touma, Member of Tripoli City Council, Basem Bakhsh, representing the President of the Municipality of Tripoli Riad Yamak, President of the Municipality of Baalbeck, Haj Fouad Blog, Member of the Municipal Council and Chairman of the Tourism Committee, Mohamed Awada, member of Saida City Council, Mohammed Al Baba. Ms. Abeer El Khoury Jbeili, Public Relations Manager of the Municipality of Aley Issam Obeid, Public Relations Officer of the Municipality of Jounieh Ms. Caroline Fahd, Dr. Khaled Baghdadi for the Arab University of Beirut, Director of the North Campus of St Joseph University, Mrs Fadia Alam Gemayel, Dean Dr. Hashim Al-Ayoubi of Jinan University, in addition to a large crowd of mayors, universities, cultural organizations and members of Mnicipal councils and interested.
The ceremony was inaugurated by Dr. Jean Touma who thanked the participants and the organizers of this session and noted that it took place in in El Mina City of waves and horizon that deals with a permanent cooperation with the Municipalities of Lebanon and the Arab world for an exchange of experiences.
This was followed by the screening of a documentary on the history and the present of the city of El Mina and its archaeological monuments, as well as its islands and harbour , followed by another film about the mission. and the objectives of the organization of Arab cities.
For his part, the President of El Mina Municipality , Mr. Alamedine, gave a speech in which he thanked the permanent support given to the vital projects and development that serve the inhabitants of the city. "We urge the Secretary General, the engineer Ahmed Hamad Al-Subaih, in his quest to strengthen the fraternal relations that unite the citizens of our Arab cities". He claimed: "In the city of El Mina, we planed to many projects with the Organization of Arab Cities concerning the development of public parks and the extension of plantation and greening projects, in addition the idea of cooperation to establish an Electronic library in the Municipal Palace, so that the young people of El Mina can manage their ideas and their projects available in the municipalities of the Arab world to widen the perception and reinforce the interdependence of the municipalities of Arab cities.
Engineer Ahmed Hamad Al-Subaih also spoke at the opening of the session and thanked President Alamedine for hosting the second cultural session on cultural management. He added: "We believe that the management of culture is important for the local administrations in the context of its various tasks towards the cities and the inhabitants of the different domains of the construction, the urbanism, the environment, the health, education and planning. "
In turn, Judge Ramzi Nahra, Northern Governor, praised the role played by President Alamedine in the further development of his city.
At the end of the opening session, Al-Subaih gave a shield to the President of the Municipality of El Mina, in appreciation of his efforts and offers for the development of El Mina.
At the second session, Samer Khair, Director General of the Cultural Action Group of Arab Cities, emphasized the importance of cultural development through the municipalities. He stressed again the importance of the role of municipalities in the development of societies with regard to the nature of civic life and summarized the achievements of the group and the objectives it intends to achieve. The dialogue was then opened and the questions focused on the role of Municipalities in communities in cultural development.
The participants then visited the neighborhoods of the city, especially the old souks and monuments.

Daughter of El Mina Miss North and Akkar Pamela Beiruti visited the El Mina Municipality

Pamela Beirut, from a well-known Navy family, began her visit to the Municipal Palace and met with President Abdelkader Alameddine in the presence of his family and friends.

El Mina Municipality preceded the Municipalities by adopting the uniform of the Municipal Police

In order to develop the work of the Municipal Police in Lebanon, the code of conduct and the standard internal rules for the Municipalities that have been elaborated, in addition to the uniform of the Municipal Police in Lebanon.
A souvenir photo was taken at the main entrance of El Mina Municipal Palace with the police wearing the new uniform in the presence of the El Mina Municipal Police Chief and the President of the Municipality Abdel Kader Alam El-Din, who declared that El Mina Municipality was and still the forerunner of the application of the Municipal legislation in Lebanon, in particular with regard to the adoption of the standard uniform of the Municipal Police in Lebanon approved by the Ministry of the Interior at the request of the Internal Security Forces.
This beautiful initiative of El Mina Municipality reflects the image of the civilized city, followed the development at all levels.
Alameddine has promised the inhabitants of El Mina to complete the implementation of the rehabilitation of the Corniche Maritime and the restoration of the old Souks of Mina in soon future.

MP Nicolas Nahas visited El Mina Municipality

The President of El Mina Municipality , Abdel Qader Alamaldine, discussed with MP Nicolas Nahas the issue of power outages, where it's abnormal to be without electricity throughout the El Mina region in reason of dysfunction of one of transformers , the deputy asserts for his part have contacted the director general of the EDL where the latter had promised the Municipality the return of the Electricity next Wednesday and they discussed the need to close the holes in the streets before winter and to organize the motorcycles in the alleys.


El Mina Municipality announced to the citizens that after having contacted the General Manger of Electricity of Lebanon, Kamal Hayek, we had promised to return the electricity to the city of El Mina the Morning of next Wednesday 18/ 9/2019.

Abdulkader Alamedine
President of El Mina Municipality

Visit of Director of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the north to El Mina Municipality

The Director of the North Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Ms. Anne Dolan, visited the president of El Mina Municipality Mr. Abdul Kader Alamedine. They discussed the situation of Syrian refugees in the North and the projects implemented by UNHCR.
The President shared with Ms. Dolan the projects being implemented by the Municipality, and it was agreed to communicate with the Commission for further collaboration.
Mr Alamedine thanked Ms. Dolan for the efforts of the United Nations in Lebanon in general and the north in particular.

Asphalting works in El Mina city

El Mina Municipality announces to the citizens that, after coordination and communication with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the latter has allocated to the city of El Mina a large amount of bitumen to pave certain roads of the city.
The Municipality also thanks His Excellency Minister Faysal Karami for his efforts, coordination and cooperation with the Municipality to asphalt and paving the rest of the streets and roads of the city.
Abdulkader Alamedine
President of El Mina Municipality

Alamedine inspects the location of the defective transformer in El Mina: the Municipality is ready to help to restore the Electricity

National- The President of El Mina Municipality Abdul Qader Alamedine, said that "more than one hundred thousand inhabitants of El Mina are living in power cuts due to the technical failure caused by the explosion of the basic transformer that supplies the entire city" , stressing that a real humanitarian crisis mitigates its impact. People must intervene to deal this crisis as quickly as possible.
He addressed to the Minister of Energy, Nada Bustany, stressing that the main reason for the malfunction of the network offense and where encroachments, big and small, should be lifted quickly without detailed explanation, otherwise the problem could to reproduce, emphasizing "I will not close my eyes before solving this problem".
On the other hand, Alameddine visited the transformer site, accompanied by a number of municipal officials, and indicated that the Municipality is ready to give all necessary to complete the work and restore the power to the city.

Seminar on Road Safety in the Municipality of El Mina

In cooperation with the internal security forces, the El Mina Municipality and the Association of Sibal Al Salam, the Association organized a seminar on traffic safety and on the right direction in the activity hall of the Municipal Palace. , entitled "Awareness of Traffic and Public Safety on the Roads". In the presence of the President of the Municipality of El Mina, Mr. Abdelkader Alamuddin, and a host of political, social and security actors.
The event began with the Lebanese national anthem, followed by a short film presenting the achievements of the company and its medical centers, followed by the words of President Abdelkader Alam El Din who said: "In the El Mina Municipality , we have introduced the woman into the Municipal Police, which is an important factor to strengthen the role of women in society and serve the citizens.Being to comply with applicable laws, drive quietly, put on his seatbelt and follow other awareness guidelines "
A short film was also presented to the animator of the program "Aqsat Dabour", Bilal Mawas, who by a comedy of some critics and guidelines on the need to respect the highway code for security reasons.
The session was led by Khalil Mkarezal, who spoke about road accidents and ways to prevent them, as well as tips to avoid accidents highlighting the importance of seatbelt use in all seats car, motorcycle helmets, speed, alcohol, fatigue and drowsiness.

Launch of the "Community Communication Committee" in El Mina Municipality

In the presence of the President and Council members of the El Mina Municipality and a group of school directors, stakeholders from various sectors and representatives of civil society organizations, the Community Communication Committee , one of the objectives of the USAID project - Building Partnerships for Progress, Development and Local Investment - implemented by the René Moawad Foundation in partnership with El Nina Municipality.
Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, highlighted the role of the donor community in funding projects through its interactions with the Municipality, thanking USAID and the René Moawad Foundation for their support of the Municipal Works. Alameddine said: "We are in the process of developing a social media usage plan available to monitor information and news related to Municipal work and to hear the views of citizens in order to provide a clear picture of the Community Environment as well as activate our role within the City Council to remind citizens of their rights and duties towards the Municipality by modern and efficient methods, therefore the Municipality and the local community jointly develop solutions to problems and ways to develop public service . "
Ms. Josette Mouawad, coordinator of the Cap_Baldi project at the René Moawad Foundation, explained the work of the communication committee and presented a model in the form of a game that encourages citizens to know their rights and duties towards the Municipality.
Mr.Ibrahim Touma communication committee's speecher emphasized the importance of the committee in helping the Municipality by strengthening the trust and transparency between the State and the citizen, Touma define the function of the work of the Committee who is not a reporter, but advisory and non-binding for the Municipality and that the role of the latter is only logistical, and that the committee is united and open to all segments of the society.
A film about the achievements of El Mina Municipality between 2016 and 2019 was realized by the project "CAP BALADI" and the meeting is completed by a reception.

A workshop on the protection of the child

The International Rescue Committee, in coordination with the Social Affairs Committee of El Mina Municipality, organized a workshop on "Strengthening the Protection System for the Most Vulnerable Children in Lebanon". The purpose of this workshop is to identify child protection holistically, to treat children in the best interests of the child, to develop knowledge and to improve the skills of the community in order to use the child protection framework to assess the problems that affect them.

Speech by Alamedine on the signing of the Technical and Hospitality Institute in Mina

A Word by the President of El Mina Municipality , Mr. Abdelkader Alam Aldin, at the Serail on the occasion of the signing of a memorandum of "contract of rehabilitation, maintenance, transformation, exploitation, and management" of the Technical Institute of the hotel in El Mina - Tripoli, between the Lebanese State - Ministry of Education and Higher Education represented by Minister Akram Shhayeb and "North Investment Company SAL" represented by its president, Pierre Al Ashqar.
Prime Minister Sheikh Saad Hariri
Your Excellencies the Ministers
The Reverends, the Eminences ..

Among the achievements of the development of public facilities, this meeting under the auspices of the State of President Saad Hariri, who deals with the city of El Mina watches and follows the records of the love of the people of El Mina who are mutual and inherited from your father, Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
The Navy People of Tripoli and the North, President, appreciate your leadership role in the political and development fields in which you do not distinguish between city and other, because you are at the heart of all Lebanon One of the first development projects in the city of El Mina to which the Council for Reconstruction and Development, with its friendly president, Nabil Al-Jisr, has credited you the project to collect wastewater from the sea. along the sea ledge as well as the establishment of a sewage system in the old districts of El Mina ,a generous donation from the Kuwait Fund for Development. The hotel is located in the middle of the maritime corniche of the city of waves and horizon, currently implemented as part of a UNDP rehabilitation project in Lebanon and funded by friendly European countries, expand its capabilities tourism and services to serve the Lebanese and tourists who consider El Mina as a tourist area developed by its markets and all of its islands.
We hope that you will be able to open the Corniche in the near future and we will not open it except in your presence, God willing, one of the dreams that Prime Minister Rafic Hariri also sponsored 30 years ago. I would also like to thank all those who contributed, continued and supported the foundation the hotel and its evolution, as well as all the personalities, ministers, MPs and former members who contributed to the realization of this dream of the person who loved Tripoli and El Mina and I like to invest in it and we consider it a pioneer of development and sustainable development, despite the difficulties of Lebanon. , I mean Brother President Pierre Ashkar, for his pioneering tourism vision.
We have the support of the President of the Republic for the Corniche and the hotel to be the tourist front of El Mina and Tripoli and the north, and there is in the city of the wave and the horizon a set of islands, which told me the late Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, may God have mercy on him, if these islands in front of Beirut, We know all that the Prime Minister martyr had in terms of economic vision and particularly the protection of the Palm Islands, Sanani and Ramkine, which has been in existence since 1992. It is now necessary to establish tourist, environmental and financial sectors of Lebanon and the Mediterranean coast.
We hope to help and guide the relevant authorities in the implementation of the law, which will have a positive impact on the security of tourism, services and investments. It is the maritime forum of Arab and foreign investors for innovative tourism that offers jobs to children who love you. Thank you, President, and hope for a new development meeting with you in the city of El Mina.

An environmental initiative of the Scouts on the Corniche at request of El Mina Municipality

The Scouts of Byblos branch Mina with Muslim Scouts branch Mina during an environmental initiative at the request of El Mina Municipality, they distributed bags of waste and slips of paper with environmental slogans urging citizens to respect the rules of hygiene and not to dirty the seaside and the streets and the neighborhoods of the city, this initiative was made the evening of Sunday on the sea coast of El Mina under the support of the Municipal police and in cooperation with El Mina Municipality

Workshop on "Increasing the Social and Environmental Resilience of Marine and Coastal Systems in Lebanon to Address Climate Change"

In cooperation with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and AFDC, the municipality organized a workshop at the Municipal Palace on the theme "Increasing the Social and Environmental Resilience of the Marine and Coastal Systems in Lebanon in the Face of Change climate ".
President Alamedine, as well as members of the El Mina Municipality and IUCN representative in Lebanon, Me.Samah El-Zaila, attended the delegation. Environmental engineers and engineers from the port of Tripoli and representatives of the Scientific Research Center and fishermen from the union and the cooperative.
The program of the session had three sections:
1_ Presentation of the project and presentation of the risks of disasters and crises in the coastal zones
2_ Working groups: Identify partners and their impact and study the strengths and weaknesses of the city
3_ Working Groups: Risk Analysis and Risk Reduction Planning.
This study was analysed by IUCN and AFDC on the risks of climate change in the Tripoli coast and results from monitoring and monitoring, in terms of water analysis and other environmental issues, during three sessions led by specialists and environmental activists.

Closing of the 18th Conference of the Organization of Arab Cities in Amman

The conference opened at the King Hussein Center under the patronage of King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein in Amman.
The beginning of the royal peace, a recitation of the Koran, a short film about the host city and Arab cities.
Dr. Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, Mayor of Amman, delivered the speech of the Secretary General of the Organization of Arab Cities, HE Mr. Ahmad Hamad Al-Subaih, and concluded the speech of the Prime Minister, Mr. Omar Al-Razzaz, who insisted on the Arab links.
President of El Mina Municipality attended the ceremony emphasizing the need for cooperation and coordination and taking advantage of the experience. Alamedine met with His Excellency Mr. Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, Secretary General of Oman, to emphasize the strengthening of relations between the two municipalities.
At the closing session of the Eighteenth Conference of the Organization of Arab Cities, the President Abdelkader Alamedine presented a shield of thanks to the Secretary-General of the Organization, Engineer Ahmad Hamad Al-Subaih, and the President of the Conference, Amman Mayor Yousef Al-Sharawbeh, in recognition of their efforts to strengthen relations between Arab cities.

Alamaldin in Amman, 18th General Conference of the Organization of Arab Cities.

The President of the El Mina Municipality Abdelkader Alamaldin, was invited by the Municipality of Amman (Jordan) to participate in the 18th General Conference of the Organization of Arab Cities, to be held on Monday and Tuesday 24 and 25 June in Amman. "The Municipality of Amman and the Organization of Arab Cities are organize this conference, which strengthens the cooperation links between Arab cities and facilitates the convergence and exchange of experiences and the signing of twinning projects that make it possible to relive cities combined.
Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, general secretary of the Amman congress, said: "The city of Amman always welcomes the fraternity of the Arab brothers, stressing the importance of guaranteeing the success of the conference because it brings together the brothers in Amman. Amman, capital of concord and agreement of different Arab cities. On the occasion of the conference, the secretary general of the Organization of Arab Cities, the engineer Ahmad Hamad Al Subeeh, stressed the organization's concern to attend the Arab member cities of the General Conference, which will deal with many topics and issues of interest to cities, especially with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals. Organization of Arab cities

The Municipality of El Mina opens the street of Georges Doumani.

The Municipality of El Mina named Georges Constantine Domani, the President of the Northern Engineers, to a street in Zone 13 of the city of El Mina, at the request of the Union of Northern Engineers, in the presence of the representative President Najib Mikati, Engineer Bassem Khayat, Representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Jubran Basil Eng.Joe Abu Kasam, Representative of MP Mohammad Kabara Dr. Rabih Kabara, Antoinette MP Nicolas Nahas, Former Minister Rashid Derbas, Former Minister Mustapha Darnika, former MP Musbah Al Ahdab, President of El Mina Municipality Abdelkader Alam Aldin, The representative of the Bishop of Tripoli and Kura of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Ephrem Kiriakos, Deacon Nicola Shami, Mr. Tawfiq Sultan, the elders Engineers Beshir Zouk and Abdel Moneim as well as their two daughters Maha and Nada and his family and friends.
At the beginning of the national hymn Mr.Ibrahim Touma then presented the ceremony, in view of the tour of the late Bâtonnier Doumani. Alameddine "We are meeting today to pay tribute to a man who helped revive El Mina, a friend, a companion and a colleague, who loved the Navy and tried to present it with urban plans. and techniques likely to feature on the excellent map of the maritime cities.His ambitions and love for this city, where he was born and raised, saw a city with the advancing elements be the jewel of the coastal cities and the distinct moat of the North Sea. " He added: "El Mina was known as a sidewalk, its childhood took place on its banks and in the alleys where the glamorous architecture of the old houses was realized." The city council considered this street as a tribute to his youth, in this street he grew up in the old Mina "
For his part, President of The North Engineers Bassam Ziadeh said: "In the absence of our great, President Georges Constantine Doumani, we can not satisfy him in tribute to his offers, but we do not forget to mention his efforts and tenderness to his first city,El Mina , and to Tripoli, the beloved, giving, fighting and fighting for 66 years. "
He thanked the city council for its response to the Northern Engineers Union's request to name a street bearing his name. "President Doumani was an exception among our great knights who left their mark on the promotion of the union and its progress at all levels." Those who joined early in our union say that Georges Doumani was a lover of the union , even his passion, he and the Union were not separated, they say that the only link, which met between the first day of the founding of the union 1951 and the day of his retirement on 1 -4-2018, before the departure of the last five months.
"He graduated in 1946, became a founding member of the Association of Engineers of Tripoli in 1951 at the Society of Engineers in the north of the country, did not put his engineering weapon despite its long duration of residency, 66 successful years, permanent member of the Pension Fund Management Committee, he was vice-president of the Union of Arab Engineers in 1968 and our late President had contributions and struggles in the fields of engineering at all levels.

Family word
The word of the family was uttered by her daughter, Nada, in which she spoke of the fiery personality and said she would create a "scholarship on her behalf for the engineering students of Tripoli and El Mina in the extension of George Domani's gift to the union and its city ". "George Doumani is alive with his work and his name etched in this street where he grew up, in this Mina that I loved, loved his people and loved him, and now he is in a beautiful parallel world, I see him smile, smile and smile. "
The curtain was removed from the plaque bearing the name of the street and then organized a reception and an exhibition at the hotel "Via Mina", which was once the home of George Doumani and brothers.

Qamaradin and Alamadin have launched the typical street of the sort since the source in El Mina

The president of the Federation of Fayhaa Municipalities, the President of the Municipality of Tripoli, the Engineer Ahmed Qamarouddin, and the president of El Mina Municipality Abdulqader Alam Aldin launched the model street project in El Mina to sort out the source in the street stretching from Port Said to Mar Elias.
The ceremony was held at the Roundabout Groupi in presence of Qamaruddin and Alam El Din, director of the Union of Fayhaa Municipalities, engineer Dima Homsi, and Union Health Engineer, Tariq Smarji, member of the municipal council Kamil Antoun, head of the health department of the Municipality of El Mina, Dr. Zaher Orabi, director of the school Mar Elias Mr Michel katra and assisted by representatives of NGOs.

Solving the problem of waste, exacerbated by sorting at the source and through the recycling of sorted materials and the mitigation of our waste, reduces the pollution that harms the health of the citizen, and therefore the State ", said Alamuddin on the importance of the project for society and the city and the need to implement it by all members of society The health bill is very expensive, and in the cities of the Union Fayhaa municipalities, which had been preparing the project for over a year, we decided to identify four typical streets.
"This project is funded by partners from the Spanish province of Catalonia, through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Lebanon, as part of the project to support the Lebanese community implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs worth US $ 800,000.
The cities of Fayhaa and the provision of mechanisms and containers and cages for sorting in addition to the preparation of brochures and awareness materials for brochures and films and others, and will be the Union of Municipalities Faiha "to launch the typical streets in the cities of Beddawi and Kalmoun, and generalize this experience on the rest of the street in the cities of Fayhaa ". During the ceremony, the school Mar Elias handed the containers that are given to institutions and stores located along the street.

Al zawayda in El Mina Municipality

The Mayor of Al-Zawayda City in Gaza District Dr.Ayman Abu Sawirh, visited the El Mina Municipal Palace, which was hosted by President Abdelkader Alam Aldin and the City Council Member, Eng.Habib Al-Shami. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the ways to develop many relations with the municipalities of the Palestinian Gaza Strip in general and to benefice of President Alameddin's experiences in management of municipal works and to make a future bridge of cooperation by the possibility of signing a twinning agreement between the municipality of El Mina and the municipality of Zawaideh.

El Mina Municipality accompanied the cleaning campaign of the beach and the islands

The national clean-up campaign on the Lebanese coast, organized by the Ministry of the Environment, began last Sunday morning. Environment Minister Fady Jreissati moved from South Beach to North as part of a nationwide coastline clean-up campaign before completing his tour in El Mina in the public swimming pool first, then to the beach of Abdé Akkar.
The Tyr campaign gathered more than 2,000 volunteers from all over Lebanon and more than 20 bags of bottles were collected in the Lebanese diving center.
Minister Fadi Jreissati was received by the Minister of State for the Social and Economic Inclusion of Youth and Women, Violette Safadi. Where she advocated to declare a state of ecological emergency in the city of Tripoli When visiting the place of waste of the region.
Jreissati also called on municipalities to pay fines to those who pollute the coastline.
The Municipality of El Mina has played an important role during this campaign whether for logistic function as well The Al-Safadi Foundation, the Rotary Club of Tripoli, the Al-Ghad Al-Khadafy Society and the Environment, the Muslim Scouts , Muawiyah Al-Bahar scout troupe, Byblos Scouts and Al-Alam Club Association also participated in the logistics. Social Club and OceanGravity Club for diving under the supervision of Ismail Al-Dailati and the group of divers who have cleaned the depth of the sea of El Mina. With a remarkable participation of cyclists and firefighters of Tripoli.
In addition, the Ministry of the Environment has also organized an island clean-up campaign with the participation of 80 volunteers from the Environmental Protection Committee Association, the Association for the Development of Humanand the Environment, the Gathering of the Environment in Lebanon, the Youth and Sports Sector in the Free Patriotic Movement and the Al-Naba'een Association for Development. The campaign was launched at 8:00 am at the small harbour of Häaran in El Mina and included the cleaning of Ballane Rumaila , the second and third islands under the slogan "Our islands - Our Autenticity - Let's keep it" as part of the national campaign launched by the Ministry of the Environment and supported by El Mina Municipality. In conclusion, certificats of thanks and appreciation was distributed to all volunteers.

Launch of waste Sorting project in Schools

As part of the integrated solid waste management project in the cities of Fayhaa, supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), funded by the organizations of Catalonia, the program of support to the Lebanese community supported by the USAID and the Al Fayhaa project, which includes the Federation of Fayhaa Municipalities, Tripoli, El Mina, El-Beddawi and El Qalamoun, as well as 17 NGOs. The Union of Fayhaa Municipalities, in cooperation with Lavagete and the Health Department of El Mina Municipality , distributed the cages allocated for sorting in some public and private schools in El Mina.

El Mina Municipality: "Cardinal Sfeir was a national symbol in Lebanon"

The president and members of El Mina's municipal council regretted the disappearance of the patriarch, Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, known in Lebanon as a brilliant patriarch, one of the oldest patriarchs in the Maronite community. He had bright traces and was a faithful pastor for the affairs of his church, thus preserving his historical heritage. Cardinal Sfeir will remain a national symbol in Lebanon, a right fighter, a brave man with national words that have preserved the unity and independence of Lebanon.
El Mina City Council addresses to his family and the Maronite Church and the Patriarch, Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Ra'i, for their most sincere condolences, asking God for mercy.

El Mina Municipality accompanied the national campaign "Blue Campaign" to clean the Lebanese coast

For the twenty-third time, the Big Blue Society, represented by Mr. Ismael Leylou, organized its annual national campaign to clean the coast and the Lebanese sea along its length from Arida in the north to Ras Naqoura, in the south of the country, very early in El Mina with the Ministry of Transport, Public Works, Environment, Interior, Municipalities and National Education, as well as the Association of the Protection Committee of the environment, under the supervision and coordination of the Municipality of El Mina, the municipal police under the direction and support of President Abdelkader Alam El Din, who encouraged the role of the Blue Campaign in motivating citizens to preserve their coasts. The campaign started at 8:00 , where the Corniche Beach and the old inverted bathside where volunteers volunteered in the Al-Bayadah area, Fau 'el Rih and sorted into bags. .
Although the campaign coincided with the beginning of the second week of the holy month of Ramadan did not stop the fasts from working despite the intensification of the sun, applying the religious values of "cleanliness of the faith" The national campaign cleans the Lebanese coast and its sea of solid waste accumulated during the war in Lebanon and random landfills on beaches and dumps located along the rivers. At the end, certificates of appreciation were distributed by the "Great Blue Campaign" to volunteers, cleaning agents and the Municipal Police.

General invitation to participate in the national campaign to clean the coast and the sea of Lebanon

"Big Blue Campaign" in cooperation with the El Mina Municipality
Rally Point: Sunday, May 12, 2019
At 8 o'clock
Popular Pool - Sea Corniche of El Mina

For the twenty-third consecutive year, the "Big Blue Campaign" organizes the National Day of cleansing of the Lebanese coast and its "Great blue campaign" every 12 of May, according to the decree of the Council of Ministers. This year is Sunday, May 12, 2019. It is an annual national campaign of ministries: defense (with the participation of the Lebanese army), interior and municipalities, education and higher education, public health, youth and sports, culture, tourism and agriculture. (Universities and schools), environmental, social, social and recreational associations, sports clubs, diving clubs, commercial and media institutions, The campaign cleans the Lebanese coast and the sea of solid wastes accumulated during the war in Lebanon and random dumps on the beaches and dumps located along the rivers. We invite those who wish to participate to send an email to

Statement of clarification

An explanation of the recent statement on social media deplores the emergence of this form because my relationship with Mr.Rafli Diab is a family relationship and demonstrates what it represents for the interest of the city.
Following our request to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport,and the request of His Excellency MP.Faysal Karami, to implement asphalt works exceeding the value of two billion L.L. With regard to the irregularities committed in the city of El Mina, there is not related to Mr.Rafli Diab and to the jealous ones of municipal council I assure them that my relationships with all City council members are good and have given rise to many projects in the city of El Mina.

AbdulKader Alamedine

Launch of Ramadan decorations 2019

El Mina Municipality has launched the decoration of Ramadan for the year 2019 which was prepared by the Tourism Committee of the Municipality under the supervision of Mr. Hashim Al Ayoubi (member of the Municipal Council),on the occasion of the beginning of Ramadan the President and members of El Mina Municipal Council addressed to all Lebanese in general and to Muslims especially at the time of the coming of this month The best blessings .

El Mina Municipality opened the roads flooded by rainwater due to the accumulation of waste

Heavy rains caused flooding of roads in El Mina, especially the road to Ziraa district and its branches on the side of the ledge where water surrounded the road and the other streets , which is disturbing the inhabitants of the district .
The emergency workshop has been accelerating since the morning of April 19 to open and repair the sewer lines, but heavy rains have prevented them from removing accumulated dirt, but emergency crews , it have completed the work of opening the pipes.
EL Mina Municipality asks the citizens to help clean up the roads by not throwing on the ground under the responsibility.

A delegation from the Arab Planning Institute visits El Mina Municipality

The President of El Mina Municipality Abdelkader Alamalddin, welcomes a delegation from the Arab Institute of Planning, including: Administrative Director Dr. Karim Darwish, Senior Advisor Dr. Belkacem Al Abbas, Councilor Ehab Mablah Director of Small and Medium Enterprises and the first expert Dr. Nawaf Abu Shamaleh, President Najib Mikati Advisor Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Qurhani, in El Mina Municipality
After a welcome by the President, Mr. Darwish introduced the Institute as an independent Arab regional non-profit institution based in the State of Kuwait, which aims to support the economic and social development of Arab countries. This visit is an extension of the Institute's extensive capacity-building programs. In addition to training programs in Tripoli District. Investment Map Project is based on the direct link between investment and development future of development, as needed. In-depth analysis and accurate diagnosis of the current situation, which in turn provides a basis for understanding development issues and proposing sustainable areas, activities and opportunities for the benefit of citizens, society and state.

You are invited to Souk Haretna in our neighborhood

Souk Haretna is a community event where residents of Mar Elias neighborhood, El Mina and We Love Tripoli volunteers collaborate to strengthen and beautify the neighborhood's identity as an authentic, safe and inclusive space and host social, cultural and patrimonial activities. As part of Future Together Now project in partnership with Forum Civil Peace Service / forumZFD Lebanon, in collaboration with Mina Municipality.
Enjoy homemade snacks and sweets, handmade crafts, El Mina Book Market, social initiatives, kids activities and more with background melodies in the authentic alleyways of Mar Elias neighborhood.
Saturday 20 April 2019 from 4 TO 8 PM
We Love Tripoli center. Marelias, El Mina

Awards for Literary Competitions in El Mina Municipality

The Lebanese Association for Promoting the Reading and Dissemination of Dialogue Culture announced the results of cultural twinning in three Arabic, French and English languages for high school students in Northern schools, Thursday evening, April 11, at the El Mina Municipal Palace The ceremony begins with the national anthem and the speech of the President of the Municipality Abdelkader AlamAldin, who highlighted the role of the Municipalities in the care of arts and literature, after the word of the president of Association , Dr.Jean Jabbour , which encouraged young people to read, write and motivate them to have the spirit of discussion with a good conscience. Dr. Emily Fiani explained that about 70 students and students from northern schools participated in this year's contest: Arabic, Dr.Jean Touma's "City Days" book, The Concours in French and English was about a general theme for women: its role and Mission. FIANI has announced the results of the French language as follows: Youta_Maria Saad (Saint-Pierre-Amioun), Lina Mitri (Mar Elias-Mina), Falak Alam El-Din (Rawda Al-Fayhaa), Tears of Kassar (Rum-Akkar), Abdel Rahim Harmoush Then Dr. Miriam Andrawos announced the results of the English language: Joyce Harkas (Bashmazin Superior), Nour Salem (Mar Elias), Naim Dunkir (Rawda Al Fayhaa), Karel Aqil (Rum-Akkar). Dr. Jean Touma also announced the results of the Arabic language as follows: Ayman Al-Mubayed (Rawda Al-Fayhaa), Fatima Darwish (Rum-Akkar) and Reina Baltaji Omar Sufi (Rawda al-Fayhaa), Nagham Najib (Ruma- Akkar). The association presented the financial awards in the form of books to the winners donated by JARROUS PRESS.

Initiation of awareness activities at the "Safe Park" in El Mina

After the launching of El Mina Municipality and "HIMAYA" association of the Safe park in the Ziraa garden in El Mina, in partnership with UNICEF in Lebanon and funded by the international social services organization ISS and Madad EU Trust.
"HIMAYA", in cooperation with the social committee of El Mina Municipality , organized the first educational activity in the park, which is the second phase of the three projects. The first was inaugurated and concerns the treatment and training of volunteers. In the second phase of the project the theme of "HIMAYA" for the month of April is "No abuse children ". The Mixt of El Mina official school Al-Nour KG Department did different activities in Ziraa Garden Safe Park and other similar activities will be in other schools. The Ziraa Garden is open as part of the project "Safe park" every Thursday at 16:00 as part of awareness activities managed by "HIMAYA" and in coordination with the social committee of El Mina Municipality.

Training Session of the Ministry of Tourism on "Food Security in Tourism Institutions"

The Department of Quality Control and Evaluation in the Ministry of Tourism The fourth session was held on April 10, 2019 in the conference room of El Mina Municipal Palace in cooperation and coordination with the Municipality of Tripoli and El Mina Municipality and in the presence of the President of El Mina Municipality Abdelkader Alam El Din and the head of the Department of Health in El Mina Municipality Dr. Zaher Orabi, the owners of restaurants and hotels and their representatives in Tripoli and Mina, as well as health Controllers from the municipalities of Tripoli and Mina as well as trainees Students from the Technical Schools of Tripoli, Alameddine welcomed the presence and stressed the importance of food security provided by health facilities.
He praised the role played by the tourism officer in raising citizens' awareness of the requirements of food security. The Ministry of Tourism said it was continuing these Sessions in other Lebanese cities and regions, in coordination with Municipalities, institutions

A cultural match for the Reading Association in El Mina Municipality

The Lebanese Association for the Promotion of Reading and Dissemination of the Dialogue Culture has organized its cultural twinning in the three languages, as it does every year for high school students from northern schools in the El Mina municipal palace .

The president of the Association , Dr. Jean Jabbour, delivered a speech in which he emphasized "the role of school authorities in encouraging students to read, write and approach thought in a conscious and mature manner".

Dr.Emily Shammas Fiani, secretary of the association, said that "70 students from different schools in the north of the country participated in the contest on Arab competitions in the book" Yawmiyat Madina" Dr.Jean Touma.This match in French and in English focused on a general theme concerning women: Its role and mission, and announce the results and prizes will be distributed next Thursday at the Municipal Palace

El Mina Municipality has launched the Police Cycling

National - Tripoli

El Mina Municipality has launched a pilot initiative in Lebanon and the region, represents a police unit using bicycles instead of cars and motorcycles, serving citizens on the Corniche and gardens and public parks.
The Municipality explained that "this unit was created first to improve relations between the police and the local community and build trust with visitors to the city and show them a civilized life, and secondly to protect local residents and tourists from infractions and violations and prevent motorcycles from riding on the Corniche tracks. " "Its purpose is to serve citizens well, because bicycles are environmentally friendly and a sustainable and clean means of transportation," Alamedine he said.
"The Corniche will welcome locals from the city and the north as well as many tourists.We must give a distinct image of the city and we will stay clean to encourage visitors to come intensely into the city of waves and horizons that extend on the littoral islands. He added: "There are special bike lanes along the Corniche stretching for more than 6 kilometers, which are safe ways to drive bicycles, and police officers will be tactful with visitors. educate them and encourage them to maintain cleanliness and respect for the law during the first phase.These elements make it possible to publish the report of arrest of offenders in the second phase, and we will have trouble dealing with those who do not want to maintain public order. "The advantage of the cyclists fonts is that they help them to get to the site quickly," he concluded. "These police officers have received extensive training and can use the bike well.

Launching the first stage of the Safe park in El Mina

El Mina Municipality and the association HIMAYA opened the Safe Park (Ziraah Garden), in partnership with UNICEF Lebanon and financed by ISS and Madad EU Trust. . The project was initiated by the social committee of El Mina Municipality to develop a child-friendly garden and environment within the geographical area between several popular neighborhoods and several schools in the city of El Mina. To develop the project the first phase is completed in what should be developed in the future including the creation of a public library and the use of green spaces to organize awareness and environmental activities. And acquires the establishment of a safe park that the area is considered would be very marginalized where is reflected positively on the children securing a safe space for them to ensure their right to play in the environment without violence and it is also expected that the municipality would have completed in partnership with HIMAYA other steps of the Assembly to become a typical park of sustainable development. The President and members of the El Mina City Council, the North Field Director and UNICEF's Akkar in Lebanon, Mr. Prem Shand, North Regional Director and Akkar for the HIMAYA Association Mr. Ghaith Bitar, representatives of international organizations and revealing local associations, attended the opening ceremony.
The ceremony was inaugurated by the representative of HIMAYA Ghaith Bitar Association, who welcomed participants to the concept of "safe park", and reviewed the three stages of the project: the first was inaugurated, which the second concerns the organization of activities and the allocation of awareness-raising activities to children and parents. The last step is dedicated to follow-up work via a municipal partnership with the local committee. Follow-up by UNICEF field director in the north and Akkar Prime Shand, who stressed the importance of ensuring a safe park for the residents of the region, thanks to the positive cooperation between El Mina Municipality and HIMAYA association, which will be of great importance to the inhabitants of the region. At the end of the ceremony, President Abdelkader Alam El Din spoke of the pilot project launched by the Municipality for the establishment of public parks in line with international standards, thanking the organizations involved in the construction of the park. The objective of the project is to develop and strengthen the child protection networks in Lebanon, to guarantee the right of children to play by creating safe playgrounds adapted to children in targeted communities, to provide psychological support and social through activities and disseminating awareness messages to children, as well as increasing the capacity of municipalities and community organizations to play an active role in developing and strengthening child protection networks .
"Safe Park" also includes the training of volunteers to provide child protection and the organization of various recreational activities, as well as awareness-raising sessions on educational and environmental problems suitable for small age groups.

Cooperation agreement between the Municipality of El Mina and the Arab University of Beirut to transfer The land adjacent to the university in a public park

National _Tripoli
The President of the El Mina Municipality Abdelkader AlamAldin and the President of the Arab University of Beirut, Amr Jalal El-Adawi, have signed a cooperation agreement on infrastructure and the environment within the headquarters of the university branch of the city of El Mina.
The signing ceremony was attended by Al-Bara Al-Ihsan Chairman of the Board, Said Al-Jazairi University Board, Tripoli Section Vice President Prof. Khalid Al -Baghdadi, Secretary General of the University, Mr. Omar Houri, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Ibtahl Bastawadi; Tripoli Ahmed Sankri and a host of college administrators and members of El Mina City Council.

President Alameddine spoke about the concept of this agreement and its contents: "This cooperation document is not the first between us and the Arab University of Beirut - El Mina branch. the foundation stone for the creation of the university branch in the city of El Mina. As the city developed a relationship between us and the university and the Association for the Judicial and Charity Stoppage at the time of the late Issam Houri's former president, we were able to respond to requests university administration in construction, investment. "We are proud today to sign a cooperation document for the creation of a public park near the university headquarters, which will be shared between us and will benefit the sons of El Mina and the students of the university.

The president of the Arab University of Beirut said: "We signed today an agreement, the first of its kind with the president of the Municipality, to transfer the land adjacent to the university branch in a park. public interest for El Mina residents and students. " "Our presence here is not limited to this unique university education center in Lebanon and the Middle East. It includes our vision of partnership with the residents of Tripoli, El Mina and the North to create a story of success not only at the educational level but also for the development of the city. Since its creation, the region has experienced significant development and has opened the doors of work to the inhabitants of the city and the region. Most of the university's employees and professors come from Tripoli and the North.

Visit of the President of the General Labor Union, Beshara Asmar, to El Mina Municipality

The President of the General Union of Workers, Mr. Beshara Al-Asmar, and the President of the Federation of Northern Trade Unions, Mr. Shaaban Badra and the Secretary of the Union, Mr. Shadi Al-Sayyid ,Mr. Ahmed Morsali visited the President of El Mina Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din. In the presence of the Municipal Council Member Engineer Fadi El Sayed.
The meeting discussed the issue of municipal workers.

Donation of the Fayhaa Poet Cultural Foundation Saba Zureik to the Public Library of El Mina Municipality

President Abdelkader Alam El Din received in his office Ms. Nadine Jabbour Najjar of Al Faihaa Poet Cultural Foundation Saba Zureik, who give the public Municipal Library a collection of books containing encyclopedias and books in Arabic.
Alamedine thanked Dr. Saba Zureik who expressed his love for the city of El Mina and praised the Foundation's efforts to spread culture and science among the Lebanese population in general and the North in particular.

The campaign "Donate blood and save live" was launched in the El Mina Municipal Palace

As part of a youth initiative of the two cities of Tripoli and Mina in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross and with the participation of the Association of Scouts of the Environment in Lebanon under the slogan "Donate Blood and Save Live "the blood donation campaign was launched this morning in the municipal palace hall and continues until 4 pm.

A delegation from the Catalan Agency for Development and the Network of Mediterranean Cities visited the city of El Mina

A delegation from the Catalan Agency for Development and the Network of Mediterranean Cities, chaired by Ms. Carmen Gual, accompanied by Mr. Alain Shatri, UNDP Head in the North and Mr. Abdulla Abdel Wahab, Director of the Center for the Dissemination of Federation of Fayhaa Municipalities, the federation informed President Alamedine the detail of the Catalanien donation, through the United Nations Development Program, to the Federation of Fayhaa Municipalities for the implementation of the project aimed at improve waste management in the cities of Fayha, especially the source separation project.

Remove illegal billboards

Emergency workshops in El Mina municipality and the police of the municipality launched a campaign to remove billboards deployed within the framework of the city, on the basis of a decision made by President Abdul Qadir Alam Al-Din, this campaign was completed by police officers and a number of technicians to eliminate irregularities and breaches of public and private property.
"The owners of the billboards did not deliberately pay the duties and taxes to the municipal fund, despite several warnings, in addition to the random spread of billboards in the streets and along the Corniche and in the main streets , which almost obscured the aesthetic characteristics of the city of waves and the horizon, calling on the owners of advertising agencies to comply with the laws taking into account environmental conditions.

Meeting of the Union of Fayhaa Municipalities in the Serail of Tripoli chaired by Alameldine.

The Vice President of the Union of Fayhaa Municipalities, the President of El Mina Municipality Abdelkader AlamAldin, chaired a meeting of the Union of Fayhaa Municipalities in Sérail of Tripoli in the Northern Governor's Office, Ramzi Nahra, chaired by Vice President in the absence of Ahmad Qamarddin for health reasons. Presented were Governor Nahra and Beddawi President Hassan Ghamrawi, Mayor of Kalamoun Talal Dunkir, Chief of Municipalities Department of Melhem Melhem Governorate and Union Director Dima Homsi. The meeting decided:
1- Appoint president of El Mina Municipality to communicate with the officials concerned in order to pay the fees of the two companies to the cities of Fayhaa due to an environmental crisis causing the spread of waste and the resulting epidemics.
2 - terminate employment and contracts in all their forms in the Union for a full year and stop paying bonuses and overtime.
3 - Form a committee comprising Alamedine and Ghamrawi to examine the situation of workers and entrepreneurs and to give up those who don't need their services.

Dialogue "Municipal and local development" in the El Mina Municipality

On the initiative of the International Christian Orthodox Association for Humanitarian Goodwill IOCC, the association organized a discussion session on "Municipal and Local Development and Municipal Office of Local Development" at El Mina Municipal Palace, The members of the City Council's Municipal Affairs Committee were: Samah Al Zaila, Yahia Ghazi, Habib. Shami and Kamil Antoun, as well as Rooney Aljalkh and Sally Nouchi. The discussion focused on the functions and the most important role of the Municipal Bureau of Local Development, in addition to the role and functions of the head of the office.

Closing Ceremony of the Lebanese Armed Forces Martyrs' Championship in El Mina Municipality

Under the high patronage of the El Mina Municipality , the Tripoli coordinator organized a ceremony for Future's sport sector in honor of the Lebanese army martyrs' session in the Great Hall of the Municipal Palace. , under the presence of General Secretary of the Future Movement, Mr. Ahmed Hariri, and the representative of the Northern Governor, Mr. Luqman Al-Kurdi. Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, and members of the Council of the Municipality of El Mina, Coordinator of Future in Tripoli, Mr. Nasser Adra, the representative of the Minister of Labor, Mohamed Abdellatif Kabbara, Mr. Sami Reza, and social, cultural, political and sports activities.
The ceremony began with the Lebanese national anthem and a minute of silence on the martyrs of the Lebanese army.
The evening included speeches by the head of the Sports Department of the Future Coordinator in Tripoli, Mr. Fadi El Masri, the President of the El Mina Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, and the Secretary General of the Future Movement, Mr. Ahmed Hariri.
At the end of the ceremony, cups and medals were distributed to the winners as follows:
First place: Future Movement Youth Team
Second place: Lebanese army team
Third place: the Monla hospital team
A medal of honor was awarded to two persons : the eldest athlete Elias George, presented by his son Claude Kharma, and the Achbal El Mina coach Mohammad Lahibi ( Abu Hassan).

El Mina Municipality opened the roads

El Mina Municipality opened the two roads Sheikh Afan_ Corniche and round Safadi after they closed them today caused by maintenance work doing by the workers' workshops as a result of the works of rehabilitation of the Corniche and what resulted from various ditches and the remnants of the storm.

Cleaning El Mina corniche from the storm effects

The Workshops of the workers of El Mina Municipality in cooperation with Lavagette, collected the rubble along the corniche following the wave surge. By the way, El Mina Municipality warned all citizens to not park their cars along the corniche to protect their safety from high waves.

Workshop on risk maps and resources based on mechanisms of stability and flexibility .

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in collaboration with the Municipality of El Mina and the Ministry of Social Affairs, organized a workshop on risk maps and resources based on mechanisms of stability and flexibility, attended by the President of the Municipality, Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din. As well as many representatives of NGOs, Scouts and international organizations as well as activists of the city who are distributed in the following sectors: economy, environment, health, social, infrastructure and education to study and present the needs and opportunities in each sector. The workshop ended with the presentation of each sector to the problems it was facing and to the proposed projects with the vote of all the participants in the project.