Associations and Clubs

Associations and clubs:
This page is open to add any detail or publish any news or activities related to the associations, with the address, phone number, fax number, foundation date, the administration council and everything appropriate to be published. Kindly send this information to our email address.

The Social Service Sanitary Association

The Red Cross

·            It has a clinic, in Jacob Labban Square, procuring social, medical services.

Association of Charity Services

·            It takes care of the orphans.

Association of Popular Secure

·            It has two service clinics; one is next to Al-Hayat School and the other next to the House of Children.

Association of Our Lady for helping Orthodox Orphans 

·            Founded in 1906, it manages the only orphan in El-Mina. Recently, it inaugurated a girl dormitory in St. Elie Street.

Association of Christian Orthodox Charity

·            Founded in 1899 with the permit under the number 78/AD in 1967, it manages the only elderly house in El-Mina in Jacob Labban Street.

The Youth Orthodox Movement

·            Founded in 1942, it manages the social sanitary center in the Zuqāq Al-Taĥūn Street (The Mill’s Alley).

Association of Popular Secure

·            It manages a medical clinic near the Islam cemetery.

Association of Charity Orientation

It manages the medical clinic in the Popular Residence region.


Scouts movements

  • Association of Muslim Scout: founded in El-Mina in 1952.
  • Association of Surgical Scout
  • Association of Environmental Scout: founded in 1998, under the decree number 67 Ch.Z. on 16/19/2002.
  • Association of Orthodox National Scout: founded in 1970 with a permit under the number 90/AD.
  • Association Lebanese Scout

Developmental Cultural Associations

  • Committee of the Environment Protection: founded in 1984.
  • Artistic Cultural Committee : founded in 1998, permit 23/AD
  • Art’s House : founded in 1994, permit 323/AD
  • Rotary Club of Tripoli – El-Mina
  • RoterAct – El-Mina
  • Forum of handicaps in North Lebanon
  • Al-Safadi Foundation: it manages the computer training centers.
  • Homentmen Club
  • Scientific Committee for El-Mina development: founded in 1999, permit 161 AD.

          Greek Social Sportive Club: founded in 1949, permit 414/1951.


National Religious Associations

  • Association of Islamic Moral Values
  • Orthodox Council for the protection of El-Mina: founded in 1975.
  • Maronite Charity Association
  • Charity Association for Catholic Greek-Melkites.
  • Charity Association for Syriac Orthodox
  • Orthodox Association of St. Nicolas: founded in 1896, its first name was the Association of Burial, and then it was modified in 2006.

         Orthodox Association of Wise Virgins: founded in 1936, permit /1936.


Familial Leagues

  • Annous Family League: Andalus street, founded in 1994 – permit 108/A

         Al-Zaylah Family League: next to Beit Al-Fan (Art’s House), St. Elie traffic circle.