Municipal Clinic of Dr. Habib Fallah

  Founded on February 23, 1982, it is managed by Dr. Jamal Chwaiky, the director of the Sanitary Department in El-Mina’s Municipality, with a group of voluntary physicians.

This clinic takes care of 100 patients attacked by chronic diseases, in cooperation with the Health Ministry, the National Committees and the International Associations.


Health Social Center for the Youth Orthodox Movement

This center offers varies services, in cooperation with the Office of Social Support such as vaccination, family organization and a school of sewing and other health social programs.


Clinic of Popular Help

The first one is next to the public school Al-Hayat, and the other in next to the House of children School. It has various medical programs.


Red Cross

It is in Jacob Labban square; it takes care of many sickness cases and offers different services such as the protection and the development of services programs.


Clinic of Public Succor

It is at the entrance of the Islam cemetery and it offers various medical and social services.


Association of Orientation Clinic

It is in the Popular Residences region and it offers services for the residents of this region and its environment.


Foundation of Emergency Clinic

It is facing Silver Shore restaurant, and it has a long story of medical and sanitary services.