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Speech by Alamedine on the signing of the Technical and Hospitality Institute in Mina

A Word by the President of El Mina Municipality , Mr. Abdelkader Alam Aldin, at the Serail on the occasion of the signing of a memorandum of "contract of rehabilitation, maintenance, transformation, exploitation, and management" of the Technical Institute of the hotel in El Mina - Tripoli, between the Lebanese State - Ministry of Education and Higher Education represented by Minister Akram Shhayeb and "North Investment Company SAL" represented by its president, Pierre Al Ashqar.

An environmental initiative of the Scouts on the Corniche at request of El Mina Municipality


The Scouts of Byblos branch Mina with Muslim Scouts branch Mina during an environmental initiative at the request of El Mina Municipality, they distributed bags of waste and slips of paper with environmental slogans urging citizens to respect the rules of hygiene and not to dirty the seaside and the streets and the neighborhoods of the city, this initiative was made the evening of Sunday on the sea coast of El Mina under the support of the Municipal police and in cooperation with El Mina Municipality

Workshop on "Increasing the Social and Environmental Resilience of Marine and Coastal Systems in Lebanon to Address Climate Change"


In cooperation with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and AFDC, the municipality organized a workshop at the Municipal Palace on the theme "Increasing the Social and Environmental Resilience of the Marine and Coastal Systems in Lebanon in the Face of Change climate ".
President Alamedine, as well as members of the El Mina Municipality and IUCN representative in Lebanon, Me.Samah El-Zaila, attended the delegation. Environmental engineers and engineers from the port of Tripoli and representatives of the Scientific Research Center and fishermen from the union and the cooperative.
The program of the session had three sections:
1_ Presentation of the project and presentation of the risks of disasters and crises in the coastal zones
2_ Working groups: Identify partners and their impact and study the strengths and weaknesses of the city
3_ Working Groups: Risk Analysis and Risk Reduction Planning.
This study was analysed by IUCN and AFDC on the risks of climate change in the Tripoli coast and results from monitoring and monitoring, in terms of water analysis and other environmental issues, during three sessions led by specialists and environmental activists.

Closing of the 18th Conference of the Organization of Arab Cities in Amman

The conference opened at the King Hussein Center under the patronage of King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein in Amman.
The beginning of the royal peace, a recitation of the Koran, a short film about the host city and Arab cities.
Dr. Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, Mayor of Amman, delivered the speech of the Secretary General of the Organization of Arab Cities, HE Mr. Ahmad Hamad Al-Subaih, and concluded the speech of the Prime Minister, Mr. Omar Al-Razzaz, who insisted on the Arab links.
President of El Mina Municipality attended the ceremony emphasizing the need for cooperation and coordination and taking advantage of the experience. Alamedine met with His Excellency Mr. Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, Secretary General of Oman, to emphasize the strengthening of relations between the two municipalities.
At the closing session of the Eighteenth Conference of the Organization of Arab Cities, the President Abdelkader Alamedine presented a shield of thanks to the Secretary-General of the Organization, Engineer Ahmad Hamad Al-Subaih, and the President of the Conference, Amman Mayor Yousef Al-Sharawbeh, in recognition of their efforts to strengthen relations between Arab cities.


Symposium signing a book


Ahmed Akram Aweida's ceremony at the Tripoli Technical Institute


The opening ceremony of the tornado created by artist Mario Saba


A street named after Professor Bader Ghanem


Women 's Municipal Police

Video describing the role and functions of the Municipal Women's Port Police


Rehabilitation of El Mina Corniche

TEAM mandated by the team of the United Nations Program for the Development of Host Communities. The company has submitted the final study for the development of the Sheikh Afan city corniche at the Olympic Stadium and the study is limited to sidewalks and center and both aisles without increasing or decreasing.
The study is reviewed by Municipal Council prior to final approval of the study.


King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Avenue

The Safadi foundation in cooperation with the Mina Municipality inaugurated a boulevard named "Salman bin AbdulAziz, the ceremony was held under the patronage of the Saudia Arabian Embassy's charge d'affairs Walid al Bukhari.

We preserve our wealth of our islands

EL Mina Municipality launched  with the participation of  Environmental Protection Committee & the Scouts lebanese  in cooperation with "la vagete "and a number of volunteers, cleaning up the countryside islands in El Mina , under the title of " We preserve our wealth of our islands . " This campaign targeted in the second phase of Bellan Island, where participants collected scattered items in its waste parts, and worked on sorting, than transport to the beach . Samah Zailaa: "The campaign comes as part of several campaigns launched by the municipality to clean the beaches and islands in El Mina , in collaboration with civil society  to educate the community about the importance of the local marine environment and conservation to help the beach and island enthusiasts recreate a safe and healthy environment."

Attack on public property

The municipality is concerned with the attack on public property, especially in Mina coast " said the mayor of El Mina Abdul Qader Alam El Din. "The circular highway is the dividing line between public property and private property," he said, pointing out that the municipal council had commissioned a law firm to take measures Which leads to the heroes of the decisions taken, which gives any party th e right to put any hand on the maritime boundary discussed today, "supporting" the movement of civil society to counter this attempt to put the public property in El Mina.

Municipality Council

ElMina city was established in 1895 by a dispute over lighting lanterns. One of the sons of ElMina, Haj Ibrahim Alamedin, traveled to Damascus, the center of the state, and obtained an order from the governor of Damascus, Tripoli and ElMina, to establish a private municipality in the city. The lanterns of ElMina on the day amounted to 200 lanterns.

The current council was elected in May 2016 and consists of 21 members working in the economic, social, environmental, educational and other sectors

Abdel Rahman Lebdeh : Trader& Owner of Lebdeh Trading

Atef Tabouch :Ex chief of Port

Hachem Ayoubi: Contractor

Mayez Moubayed : Brokering Manager at Moubayed Shipping

Rabih Ghaleb : Interior Designer Engineer & Manager at Abdulwahab and Ghaleb real estate

Salah Sidawi : Teacher Retired

Toufic Abed : Banker, Manager at BLF S.A.L

Abdulkader Alameddine: Member at Mina Municipality since 1973,President of Mina Municipality :1991-1998,1999-2004,2004-2009,2016-present

Fadi Sayed : Engineer, Manager at Jubeily Company.

Kamil Antoun : Trader

Michel Fallah : Pediatrician

Rami el Sayegh : Engineer

Samah Zaylaa : Lawyer

Yeha Najati Chazi : Businessman, Owner of Marine Diesel Engine

Amer Faidallah : Phd, Prof in Engineering Faculty , Lebanese University

Habib AlChami : Engineer

Marc Kobrossieh : Financial Controller & Owner of M.K.G Trading

Nazih Zaytouneh : Trader & owner of Zaytouneh Trading

Samir Ratel : Technical, Owner of Samir Ratel Establishment

Tarek Malti : Trader

Ziad Khodr: Biomedical Engineering

Abdelkader Alameddine

Phone #: 03-470047

Michel Fallah

Phone #: 03-613630

Fadi Sayed

Phone #: 03-232840

Samir El Ratel

Phone #: 03-251822

Hachem Ayoubi

Phone #: 03-178217

Mark Kobrossieh

Phone #: 03-177273

Samah Zaylaa

Phone #: 76-975282

Yeha Najati Chazi

Phone #: 03-411764

Toufic Abed

Phone #: 03-439997

Rami El Sayegh

Phone #: 76-165511

Rabih Ghaleb

Phone #: 03-527483

Habib Al Chami

Phone #: 03-565814

Atef Tabouch

Phone #: 03-406329

Kamil Antoun

Phone #: 03-875655

Nazih Zaytouneh

Phone #: 03-304371

Ziad Khodr

Phone #: 03-986245

Salah Sidawi

Phone #: 03-369869

Abdel Rahman Lebdeh

Phone #: 76-888111


Phone #: 03-816964

Tarek Malti

Phone #: 03-349981

Mayez Moubayed

Phone #: 70-212171