Deguise Mosque (Omar Ben Al-Khattab):

·            This mosque was built by one of Al-Dakiz family living in El-Mina since long time.

·            The mosque, having the form of square, was near the sea next to Al-Saray tour.

·            At the beginning, it was built without a minaret, which means that it was rather a school than a mosque.

·            In 1922, because the road was narrow, and the exchange of merchandises on the customs was happening in front of this mosque, El-Mina Municipality has destroyed the mosque and rebuilt it with a modern style.

·            In 1958, the mosque was destroyed with Al-Saray Tour because they were attached to each other, and recently reconstructed under the name of Omar Ben Al-Khattab Mosque.


Ghazi Mosque:

·            It was built, in 1290 hegira, by Hajj Abdallah Ghazi, between Al-ĥamīdi Mosque and the Big Mosque, in the middle of the Islamic Quarter in El-Mina.

·            It had a square shape with a minaret.

·            The entrance to pray is from the door that is located in the North West, and is two steps higher from the ground.


High Big Mosque:

·            It was built in 1125 hijri by Abou Baker ben Mohammad, with many ornamented vaults above small shops.

·            Mr. Ibrahim Alameddine, the president of El-Mina Municipality, destroyed the vaults of the mosque and kept the place of ablution, the minaret and the board of inscription.

  The constructor put on the minaret a permanent mark indicating when the sun arrives on the meridian line, the midday praying hour.


Al-ĥamīdi Mosque in Askala:

·            It was built on the wrecks of the first public school that was founded by the Ottoman Turkish in Askala.

·            It was known by this name according to Sultan Abdelhamid II, because it was founded in the occasion of the Ottoman Authority’s 25th years.

·            It is located at the entrance of Islam Market, at the left of the pathway going to the High Big Mosque.

·            The praying hall can is accessible though some stairs, then it was enlarged.

Its minaret is different from other mosques’ ones because it is rounded.


Al-Mardaniya school:

·            It is one the most important Islamic constructions in this city.

·            It was constructed in 707 hijri. / 1307 A.D. by the Emir Almandine Idghamach Al-Maradani Al-Achrafi, according to the text sculpted on a white marble plaque, fixed above the ancient doorsill of the school.

·            The latter is located in the middle of the vegetable shop, at the right of the pathway going to the High Big Mosque.

It was restored at the beginning of 1980s and was transferred to a small mosque in 1985.


Al-Hara Aj Jadidi Mosque:

·            It was built by Hajj Ahmad ben Ahmad Hassan Al-Mir Al-Ayoubi in 1350 hijri / 1930 A.D.

Osman ben Affan Mosque:

·            It was built in 1968 next to the cemetery’s region.

Imam Ali Mosque:

·            It was built in 1401 hijri / 1981 A.D. by Mohammad Jomha Al-Zaylaa who was a supervisor on the Project financed by the Saudi Arabia.

Al-Rawda Mosque:

·            It was built in 1402 hijri / 1983 A.D. and it is a property of Rawdat Al-Fayhaa School.

Issa ben Mariam Mosque:

·            It was built in 1984.

Al-Dannaoui Mosque:

·            The construction of this mosque was achieved in 1993 on the land of deceased Raafat Mohammad Al-Dannaoui based on his will.

Al-Shahabi Bilal ben Rahab Mosque:

It was built in 2000 next to the Sport Hall.